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			      Day 12

Content Warning: This story is rated XX for gangstas! Proceed with
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"You sleep with us tonight," Priyanka had said.
"Okay!" I agreed.
 One by one, alpha team members arrived in the cabin and began
 I covered my eyes.
 "What are you doing?" Priyanka asked.
 "Covering my eyes. You can change into your nightwear. It's okay!
 I won't look!" I said assuringly.
 "Pick a pod."
 "Okay!" I said, turning around. "AAAAARGH!" Jennifer stood naked,
 arms folded. "Sweet Jesus! What are you doing?!"
 "It's the house rules," Raima said, "get undressed."
 "What?! Why?"
 "Just do it," Priyanka said, unclipping her bra.
 Olivia grabbed the remote and turned on the music.
 Looove Love!
 Devotion devotion!
 Feeling feeling... feels feels
 Emotiooons... emotions

Don't be afraid to be weak
Don't be too proud to be strong
Just look into your heart my friend
That will be the return to yourself
The return to innocence

They started dancing, slowly, naked.
Priyanka smiled, holding out her hand. I took it, following her
dance cues.
Olivia dimmed the lights, turning on the ambient lights.
They took turns dancing with me.
It was hilarious, fun, and sexy.
"Well, this feels like a strip club!" I said to Priyanka.
"Have you ever been to one?" she asked.
"No," I shook my head. "But I know what it looks like. And this is it!"

"Loose your clothes!" Jennifer said, grabbing my tshirt.
"Okay! Okay!"
"Make it sexy!" Priyanka nudged, giggling.

I ended up twerking. Jennifer joined me while the others tried to
contain their laughter.


"Well, that was fun!" I said.
"Welcome to alpha team!" Priyanka said, laughing.

"Pick a pod," Jennifer said.
"Okay! Uhmm... I don't know... which one has a good view?"
"They're all the same. Just pick one," Priyanka said.
"I'll take him," Jennifer offered.
"Okay! Can I put my clothes back on now?"
"Nope! House rules! Like Raima said, we don't sleep with our
clothes on," Sameera said.
"What kind of rules are those?" I asked. "Your rules suck!" I pouted.
"If you think our rules bad, wait till you see the others'," Priyanka
"Y'know, K team never had any rules."
"K team didn't share a cabin. Here, we do things a lil different!" 
Raima said.
"Remember one thing: What happens in alpha club, stays in alpha
club!" Raima warned.


Jennifer climbed into the top pod. "Come on up! Give me your
hands," she said, reaching out.
Priyanka lifted me and handed me over.
"Heyyy! That's manhandling!" I said.
"You're welcome!" she said, smiling.

"You wanna sleep next to the window?" Jennifer asked.
She grabbed me and plopped me on the other side.


"This feels weird," I whispered, staring at the ceiling.
"What's weird?" Jennifer asked.
"I'm naked, you're naked, we're all naked. Don't you think it's a
little too much?" I turned to face her.
She smiled, "Don't worry. You'll get used to it."

I stared at her breasts.
"Wanna touch them?" she asked, smiling.
"What? No!"
"Oh come on! I know you wanna touch them," she giggled. She
grabbed my hand and put in on her breast. "There you go!"
"Okay!" I caressed her chest gently.
Her hand slid between her legs.
"What are you doing?!" I hissed.
"I'm horny," she whispered, "And you've got a boner."
"Oh God!" I reached down and tried to push my soldier down.


"Ooooh! Hmmmppphhhh!" The sounds of muffled moans filled the
cabin. Then everything went quiet.
My eyes widened. "What was that?!" I whispered.
"Mmmmmh!" Jennifer moaned.
"Hey! Hey! Stop it!"
She giggled, "Now you what it was!"

The sounds of the fingers hitting the gushing wetness was
"What the fuck!" I mouthed to Jennifer.
She got up, then tapped me.
"What is it?" I whispered.
"Look!" she whispered, pointing at the pod in front of us.
A silhouette of a woman with her legs spread, pleasuring herself.
"Who is it?" I whispered in Jennifer's ear.
"Priyanka," she whispered back.
"Really?! No way!"
I stared for far too long. Priyanka caught us.
I dropped back down. "She saw us!" I whispered.
Jennifer stifled her laugh.

There was a small knock on our pod. We both got up. Priyanka
signaled to me.
"Go! She's calling you," Jennifer whispered, pushing me forward.
"Come!" Priyanka whispered, as she effortlessly hauled me over the
small gap and into her pod.
"I'm sorry!" I whispered, a little nervous.
We both sat still for a few moments.
The others were still going at it, trying to keep their sounds down.
My soldier was at full attention. Priyanka looked at it and whispered,
"Are you horny?"
She held my face gently and whispered, "Make love to me."
I shook my head, "I can't! I've got to give Aditi my sample."
"When?" she asked.
"She didn't say."

Priyanka caressed my chest, running her hands all over my body.
"Please don't touch it!" I whispered, "I won't be able to hold it in!"
"Close your eyes," she whispered, "think of something else. Take
deep breaths."
I did as she instructed.
But my soldier had a mind of his own. He wasn't going to sleep. Not
"It's not working!" I whispered.
"Lay down," she whispered.  She lay next to me and pulled the
covers over her. "Is that better?"
I nodded. "Well now I'm exposed and you're covered!"
"Just relax until it goes down, okay?"


Half an hour passed by.
The sounds died down, as the ladies drifted off to sleep. My soldier
was now resting.

"Hey!" I whispered, "Are you still horny?"
"Of course I'm horny! You didn't let me finish!" Priyanka hissed.

Jennifer tapped on the pod. "What happened?"
"He couldn't handle it," Priyanka whispered.
"Hey! Don't insult my manlihood!"
Jennifer stifled her laughter.
I turned to her, "Did you finish?"
She shook her head, "I thought you were coming back."
"Okay! Okay! Let's go to my cabin," I whispered.
"I'm going to turn the lights off. You go with Jennifer. I'll join you in
a second," Priyanka whispered.


"Finish with her, then I'll go next," Jennifer said.
"Okay," I nodded.

Priyanka slipped into the cabin and locked the door behind her.
"You're hard again!" she smiled.
I shrugged. "He won't go down."
She wrapped her arms around my neck. "You should fuck me," she
"I'd like to. But Aditi's booked him first, so... yeah... I gotta wait."
"She won't know if you don't tell her," Priyanka said.
"Stop tempting me! Do you know how hard it is to resist you?" I
She caressed my arms, then guided my hand between her thighs.
"Use your hands," she whispered.
I slipped my finger into her wetness. She moaned, clasping my
arm tightly.


"Krsnaaah!" Priyanka moaned, grabbing my hair. "Oh yes! Oh yes!
Yes yes yes yes yes!"
I leaned forward and kissed her softly.
She kissed me back, moaning, her thighs quivered as she exploded
with pleasure.
She lay her head back, her chest heaving.
"Are you okay?" I whispered.
"Yes!" she said, and laughed.
"What happened?" I asked, curious.
She looked at me and smiled, "You're really good at this!"
"Yes, really! Have you done this before?" she asked, running her
fingers across my cheeks.
"Once. But that was a long time ago," I said softly.
She gazed into my eyes. "I love you," she whispered.
"I love you too."

"Krsnah, you're leaking," Jennifer said, climbing on top of me.
She grabbed my soldier and licked it clean.
"Ohhh! Oh my God!" I moaned, laying my head back.
They both giggled.
"Want me to continue?" she asked.
"Jen! Don't! You know I can't! I've got to give my sample first!"
She laughed, "Okay! My turn now! Stay down!" She turned around.
"Let me get down just a lil bit," I said, shifting myself.
I licked her.
"Oh yes!" she moaned.

Priyanka ran her fingers through my hair while Jennifer rode my
She was dripping wet as I slipped my fingers inside her.
"Oh yes baby!" Jennifer moaned as she gripped my soldier.


Jennifer was dripping all over my face.
Each time she got close, she gripped my soldier, licking it.
She came twice, and collapsed beside me. "Oh goodness! That was
wonderful!" She looked at me, "Are you sure you don't want me to
take care of this?"
"You need to stop teasing my soldier and let him rest!" I said.
"Well I can't help it," she laughed, gently caressing me.

"And I'm wet again," Priyanka said, lifting up her fingers for me to
"Seriously?! I think we'll be here all night!"
"You should try to sleep. Get some rest and we'll do it again in the
morning," she suggested.
"Ya'll can't get enough of me, can you?" I chuckled.
"As long as you're hard, we know you can keep going," she laughed.
"I need a break," I said.
"Okay! Go to sleep," Priyanka said, caressing my chest.
"Can I..."
"Suck them?" I asked, staring at her breasts.
"Of course!" she smiled, pulling my head gently in.
"Suck mine next!" Jennifer said.

"This pod is too tight for us. I think we should move to the floor,"
Priyanka said.
"I'll get some mattresses," Jennifer said, climbing out.
"Get my robe too. I didn't put one when I came here," Priyanka said.
Jennifer laughed, "Me neither."
"Mmmh! Mine too!" I called out.


We laid the mattresses to cover the entire empty space.
"This is great! Now we have lots of room to move around!" I said,
We lay down, with me in the middle.
"Okay, now go to sleep," Priyanka said, "It's almost two in the
I closed my eyes.
I could feel Jennifer's hand caressing me.
I opened my eyes and turned to face her. She put her finger on my
lips. I nodded.
She caressed my face gently, then leaned forward and kissed me.
She pointed at her breast. I nodded, and moved in, sucking quietly.
My soldier stood at attention. She caressed him gently. Then she
grabbed my hand and put it between her thighs.
I looked up at her.
"Feel me," she mouthed.
I slipped my fingers in. She was wet alright.
I leaned into her ear and whispered, "You need to rest."
She leaned into my ear, "I want to feel you inside me."
"No!" I shook my head, "This is a bad idea."
"You make me so horny!" she whispered.
"Try to sleep! And don't touch me!" I whispered.
She kissed me hungrily, pulling my body into hers. I adjusted my


We were both half asleep for the next few hours.
Each time I moved, she moved too, hinting that she was awake too.
Priyanka, on the other hand, seemed to be in deep sleep.

By the time we finally drifted, it was dawn.


Priyanka was the first to wake up.
My eyes fluttered open when she ran her fingers through my hair.
"Morning! Did you sleep well?" she asked.
"I need a few more hours," I said groggily.
"Okay, go back to sleep," she whispered.
I nuzzled up to her chest. She popped her nipple into my mouth. I
suckled quietly as she caressed me.

My soldier stirred. Priyanka pulled the sheets over me.


I was awakened by a knock on the door.
Priyanka got up to answer it.
I yawned.
"Busy night?" Raima asked, stepping in.
"Not really," Priyanka replied.

Jennifer woke up and stretched.
I sat up and rubbed my eyes.
"Why'd you sleep here?" Raima asked.
"He heard us, and couldn't fall asleep. So we brought him here,"
Priyanka answered.
"So did you do it?" Raima asked.
Priyanka shook her head, "He wouldn't. He has to deliver his sample

"By the way, who was moaning so loudly last night?" I asked.
"That would be her!" Jennifer said, and we burst out laughing.
"No, it wasn't!" Raima said defensively.
"Tsk tsk! I heard you!" I countered, "Mmmmmphhh! Aaaaah! Oooh!"
We burst out laughing.

"Nope! I'm always quiet!" Raima said.
"Really? Well, there's only one way to find out!" I said, getting up.
I walked up to Raima and looked at the others. "Can I?"
"Sure!" Priyanka said.
"Take off your robe," I told Raima.
"You've grown so brave overnight!" she laughed, slipping her robe
She was beautiful.
"Okay! Alright! I can't do this!" I said, retreating.
"Nooooo!" Jennifer said.
"I'm shy, alright?" I said.
Priyanka laughed, "Okay! Let's get you to the shower. We're doing
a presentation today."


The others were already in the shower.
By the time we got in, they were drying up.
"You're late!" Jessica said, "Hurry up!"

We soaped up each other's bodies. Raima caressed my soldier.
"Do you want me to take care of this?" she asked.
"He won't let you do it," Priyanka said.
I twiddled Raima's nipples. She pulled my head in and I latched on.
"Ooohhh!" She moaned.
I slipped my fingers inside her. She widened her stance to give me
easier access.

"Let's move to the floor," Priyanka suggested.
She and Jennifer lay down some towels on the bathroom floor.
Raima lay down and spread her legs. I got down on my knees
and licked her. She grabbed my hair and moaned as her juices
splashed into my mouth.

Priyanka lay down next to Raima.  I sat between them and slipped
my fingers inside them.

Then there was a knock on the door.
"I'll get it," Jennifer said.
It was Olivia. They'd catch us in the conference room.
"Hurry up!" Jennifer said, closing the door.

Priyanka got up. "I have to go. They'll be waiting for me."
She kissed me on the lips, then went into the shower.

"Come here," Raima said.
I lay down next to her. She offered me her breast and I latched on.
Her warm milk flowed into my mouth.
"Oh yes baby! Fuck me!" she said, as I slipped my hand between
her thighs.
She grabbed my soldier and started stroking it.
Uh oh!
Just then, another pair of hands grabbed it. Jennifer! I felt her warm
lips around me as she licked it clean.
She kept her hands on, but didn't move them.
Raima tensed up as she exploded with pleasure. My hand was
drenched, and the towel was soaked.
I drank some more milk, until Priyanka stepped out of the shower.

"Are you done yet?" Priyanka asked.
"I'm done, he's still drinking," Raima said.
"Krsnaaah? You'll drink later! Get ready now," Priyanka said.

We got up and headed into the shower.


"Thanks for holding me back there," I told Jennifer.
"You're welcome," she smiled.

"Put these on," Raima said, handing me a formal shirt and trousers.
"Where's my tshirt?" I asked.
"No tshirts. We're keeping it formal today," she replied.


We reached the conference room at midday.
K team and alpha team sat on both ends.

"You're late!" Trisha said.
"Yeah, it's almost lunchtime," Adah said.
"Sorry, he slept late so I let him get a few more hours this morning,"
Priyanka said.

"You can get your lunch and eat here," I said, then turned to
Priyanka, "why are they here anyway? I thought this presentation
was for me!"
"I invited them," she smiled.
"Okay!" I glanced at the K team, "I'm sorry I'm late. I'm sorry I had
to keep ya'll waiting. We cool?"
Trisha nodded, "Cool!"
"Thank you!"


The red planet.
It looked like a real-life doomsday movie.
The martians were cannibals.
The humans were savage and barbaric.
The planet had no surface water. The only water they got was from
drilling several miles deep into Mars.
The temperatures would be high when we arrived. At midday, it
would reach 50 degrees celcius.
At night, it cooled down to around 20 degrees.

The planet was filled with empty and dilapidated mines. The first
human settlers had mined oil, gold, silicon and other minerals. Now,
it was a barren wasteland, just like earth.

The male species on Mars had become impotent due to some
raging virus. And now, there was a hunt for fertile men. Both men
and women hunted. New arrivals on the planet were often
drugged, raped, and harvested for organs. Nothing was left to
waste. The human carcass was a delicacy for the Martians.

Since water was scarce, the inhabitants drank blood, filtered urine,
milk, and almost any liquid they could get their hands on.
The richest inhabitants had access to mother's milk. It came directly
from women who were fed continuously and milked.
Milk was the new water. But it wasn't accessible to everyone.

There were no animals. Although there were rumors of desert
snakes which roamed the planet at night, devouring anything
that moved. The list of missing persons was incredibly long. Search
parties were rare. If you didn't know the right people, chances
were that nobody would even notice your absence.
There was no electricity in most of the populated areas. Fuel cells
were expensive and not everyone could afford them.
The martians were accustomed to seeing in the dark. Hence they
hunted even at night.

"I don't get it," I said, "If Mars is so dangerous, why did you agree
to take me there? Why don't we pick another planet?"
"Mars will give you good training practice. If you can survive on 
Mars, then you have higher chances of surviving on other planets,"
Priyanka said.
"Looks like a death wish to me."
"Don't worry. That's why we're here. We'll help you get through it,"
Olivia said.

"Okay, we'll continue the rest of the presentation tomorrow," Raima
said, getting up.


"Krsnah!" Priyanka called out after me.
I stopped and waited for her to catch up.
"I've scheduled Aditi for you tonight. She'll take your sample," she
"Did you tell her what we did?" I asked.
"No! Are you crazy?" she laughed.
"She's too conservative. I'm already nervous, and she'll make me
more nervous," I said, "Cancel her appointment. I'm sleeping with
alpha team tonight."
"Are you sure? You were barely able to hold it in last night," she said.
"I'm done waiting. This is it. I'm not going to hold it in. You're getting
it tonight," I said.
She gasped in surprise. "Just me or the others too?"
"We'll see. Jennifer was really supportive, so she can come," I said.
"And Raima? You really seemed into it in the bathroom."
"Fine, include her too."
"Krsnaaah," Priyanka said, holding my face, "tonight is your night.
You can choose whoever you want, okay?"
"Okay," I nodded, "but I'm really nervous. I'll need some help."
"Don't worry," she smiled, "we'll make it special for you."