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			      Day 11

My anger had now subsided.
I felt foolish.
I should've kept my mouth shut.
Now I was paying the price for my outburst. I was alone.

Normally there'd be someone to keep me company in my cabin.
But tonight I was alone.
It was a little past midnight and I couldn't sleep.
I decided to go and find Monica. Perhaps she would be kind enough
to keep me company, I thought.


I opened the cabin door slowly and looked inside. The red and purple
ambient lights gave the room enough visibility.
I tiptoed to Monica's pod and peeked in.
She was asleep.
I didn't want to wake her, so I left quietly.

I froze as I came face-to-face with Aditi. She stared at me.
I was nervous. "Hi," I said.
"Looking for something?"
"I uh... I came to talk to Monica but she's asleep," I said in a low
"You can wake her up."
"No! No! I don't want to disturb her."
"Is it important?" She asked.
"Yeah...uh..no! No, it's nothing, really."
"Okay. Good night," she said, as she turned to walk away.

"Uhmm... Aditi?"
She stopped and turned around, "Yes?"
"Can I talk to you for a sec?"
"What is it?"
"I'm sorry about what I said. I really am. And... and I feel terrible
about it." My voice was breaking. "Will you forgive me?" I could feel
my eyes welling up. No No No No No NO NO! Don't cry don't cry 
don't cry don't cry don't cry!
"It's okay."
"Okay." My voice was barely a whisper. I was choking up.
I swung my head and wiped a tear. Fuck fuck fuck!
"I'm sorry. Excuse me," I whispered, as I walked back to my cabin as
fast as I could.


I slammed the door shut and leaned against it. The hot streams
flowed down my cheeks. I closed my eyes. Okay! Deep breaths! Take
deep breaths!
I inhaled and exhaled.
I felt like there was this huge burden on my chest, and it was
weighing down on my heart.

There was a knock on the door.
"Krsnah?" Aditi. She'd seen it.
"Just a minute!" Fuck! My voice gave it away.
I wiped my face quickly as Aditi pushed open the door.

"Krsnah? What's going on? Are you crying?"
"No! No, it's just..."
"You're crying! Come here!"
Fresh hot springs flowed down my cheeks. Aditi pulled me in and
hugged me. "Hey! It's okay! Don't cry now," she said softly, caressing
my back.
"I'm sorry!"
"It's okay. Stop crying now."


It felt like an eternity in her arms. Finally, Aditi suggested that we lay
I snuggled up in her arms, my face buried in her neck.

"Can I borrow one of your tshirts? Mine's wet from your tears."
It was an understatement. My tears had drenched her tshirt.
"Let me get one for you," I said, getting up. I pulled out a few of my
personal favorites and held them up for her. "Which one would you
"I'll take the grey one," Aditi said, reaching out for it.
I climbed back into the pod and watched her.
"Close your eyes," Aditi said, as she lifted her shirt.
"I wanna see!"
"Don't be silly! Now close your eyes!"
"Hey! You saw me down in my boxers! Well I wanna see too!"
"Krsnah, close your eyes or I'll leave now!"
"Alright alright! My eyes are closed now," I said, putting my hands
over my face.
Aditi laughed. "I know you can see me! Silly boy!"
"Okay! Okay! I won't look now!" I said, burying my face into the
Aditi changed into my tshirt.
"Okay, you can look now," Aditi said.
I lay on my side. Aditi hovered over me. "So? How do I look?" she
"Like my wife!"
"You know when couples get married, the wife wears the husband's
tshirts at night!"
Aditi rolled her eyes. "Krsnah, I'm not your wife."
"Then give me my shirt back!" I said, pulling up the tshirt.
"Stop it!" she giggled.
I pulled her down on me. "Then say you're my wife!"
"I'm not your wife!" she smiled, gazing into my eyes.
"D'you know, you look really beautiful when you smile," I said softly.
Aditi blushed. "Tsk! Tsk! Are you flirting with me?" She pinched my
cheeks gently.
I gazed into her eyes, and then, I kissed her softly on the lips. She
ran her fingers across my cheeks, down my neck.
"I love you," I whispered.
She smiled, and then, she kissed me.
"Do you love me?" I asked.
She just smiled. "Go to sleep," she said softly, laying back down next
to me.
"I think you love me," I giggled. 
"Krsnaaah! Go to sleep!"


I woke to Aditi's hair all up in my face.
I had my left leg and arm around her. My hand rested on her chest.
And, a boner that poked through of my shorts like a horizontal Eiffel

I got up slowly and climbed over Aditi, who stirred awake.
Priyanka sat at my desk, reading.
She looked up and smiled brightly, "Morning soldier!"
I yawned and stretched. "Are you referring to him or me?"
Priyanka laughed, "Little Krsnah."
"That's my girl! Now that's what I'm talking about!" I gave her a high
"I see you patched things up with her," Priyanka said, nodding at
"Yes I did," I smiled.
"That's good," she said, getting up, "Your morning brief's ready. I'll
update you while you get ready."
"Okay," I turned to Aditi and kissed her on the cheek, "I'm going to
take a shower. I'll catch you later, okay?"
"Okay," she smiled.


Priyanka followed me to the bathroom.
"What are you doing?"
"Following you. Do whatever you have to do, and let me do my job,"
she said.
"And what exactly is your job when I'm taking a dump?"
"Briefing you. Don't worry. It sounds odd but you'll get used to it.
Now I've got your teams ready. I just want to run the names by you.
You can switch up the names depending on how you want them,"
Priyanka started.
"No, we'll go with your standard list," I said, sitting down on the
"Okay! So I've got Charlotte, Gul, Aditi, Jhene, Kajol, Jacqueline,
Samantha, Sushmita, Tabassum and Urvashi on the F team. Then I
have Celeste, Jennifer, Lisa-"
I cut her off. "Hold up! Wait a minute! Now what exactly is the
F team?"
"Friends Krsnah, these will be your friends."
"F team sounds particularly like Fuck team or Fuckboy team. You
gotta change the team names. I want cool names! Not alphabets!"
"Fine," Priyanka said, crossing her arms, "You choose a name!"
"Turn around. You're making me nervous and I can't take a shit!" I
"That's too long of a name," Priyanka said, then burst out laughing.
"Hahaaa! Very funny!"
"I'm joking. I'll put up a curtain on that side so you can have some
privacy," she offered.
"Thank you!"
"But I must remind you that the 6 of us in my team will have
unrestricted access to you at all times. We're essentially one with
you. We're a part of your existence now. That means we dine
together, we sleep together, we shower together, we do
everything together," Priyanka said.
"Well, where the fuck were you yesterday evening and all night?" I
snapped, "Sounds to me like you're a goddamn liar!"
"It was part of the plan," she replied.
"What plan?" I asked in surprise.
"The plan to patch things up between you and Aditi," she giggled.
"You! You motherfuckers!" I said angrily, "You set me up! Fucking
She laughed, "Well, it worked, didn't it?"
"Yeah, I guess so. Was Aditi a part of this?" I asked.
"Does it matter?"
I shrugged, "I guess not."
"Good. Now what team names do you want?"
"You'll be team alpha," I said thoughtfully, "The fighters will make
the delta team. I guess the rest don't really matter. How many
teams have you made?"
"Four teams so far," she said, "apart from your team and mine."
"Aren't these all my teams?"
"Yes, but I'm referring to the K team, remember?"
"Ah! Yes. Okay then! Put the list on my desk and I'll have a look at
it," I said.
"Will do."
"Now get the fuck out so I can shower in peace!"
"No, I'm not going anywhere," Priyanka said stubbornly.
"Fine, if you're going to see me naked, then I wanna see you
naked too!"
"I already took a shower," she smiled playfully.
"See, now you're being unfair!"
Priyanka walked up to me and put her arms around my shoulder.
"This is part of your training. You wanna go to Mars, don't you?" she
"Do people on Mars shower together?"
"They shower in crowds," she smiled, "Water is like gold on Mars."
"It must be really expensive," I said.
"It is. Not everyone can afford it."
"So what do they drink?"
"Purified bodily fluids, blood and mother's milk," she stated.
"Bodily fluids? That sounds like piss to me. Is that piss?"
"It's urine."
"Eeeeewww!" I made a face. "That's disgusting!"
"We've prepared a presentation on Mars. We'll show you
tomorrow," she said.
"Mother's milk - is that like breast milk?" I asked.
"It is breast milk," she laughed.
"I've had that before! You clones can produce it too, right?"
Shit shit shit shit!
I regretted it as soon as the words flew out of my mouth.
"Yeah! Yeah, how do you know that?" Her eyes widened, "Krsnaah?"
"What? I've got my sources!" I said, trying to act casual.
"Sources of milk!" she laughed.
"Haahaa! Very funny!"
"Who was it? Come on! Tell me!" she was prodding now.
"It was nobody!"
"Was it Aditi? It was Aditi, wasn't it?" she asked.
"No no! It was not Aditi! And this conversation is over! Get out!" I
pushed her out of the bathroom and shut the door.
Phew! That was a close one!


Aditi's name was on the list. But she was already part of the K team.
I suppose that made her unique and special.

The second team had Celeste, Jennifer, Lisa and Jessica.
The third team had Ronda, Olivia, Neha and Parineeti.
The fourth team had Diana, Jessica, Milana, Patricia and Shriya.
The fifth team had Olivia, Neha and Parineeti. Again?
The sixth team had Ronda (again!), Vickie, Mickie, Candice, Melina,
Natalie, Gail, and Celeste.

"So, what do you think?" Priyanka asked, walking into my cabin.
"Why are some people in multiple teams?"
She shrugged, "They qualified for it."
"Interesting! So why not put them in the alpha team?" I asked.
"Because we're the alpha team. We're more qualified than them.
One of us can give you everything that several of them combined
"Like what?"
"Like love," she said, gazing into my eyes.
"Love? Pffft! I know someone who didn't qualify to be in any team
that loves me more than anything in this universe!"
"Kriti?" she guessed.
"Damn right!"
She sighed, "Yeah, well, everyone on this list loves you, but they're
not a perfect match for you either. And Kriti didn't even make it on
this list."
"Doesn't matter! She's perfect for me!"
"You should give us all a chance," she said softly.
"I have."


Alpha team had it's own cabin.
The pods were stacked like a bunk bed.
And I was welcome to sleep there any time.

Likewise, the other teams also got their own cabins.
Except the K team. They still had individual cabins, just like mine.

"You can have your own cabins if you want," I told Priyanka.
"I know," she smiled, "but it's better this way."


Alpha and K teams gathered in the conference room in the evening.
Priyanka put on a movie - Mad Max: Fury Road.
"Hey! I've wached this movie!" I exclaimed.
"Yeah? Well pay attention to it, it's educational for you," Priyanka