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			      Day 10

I kept tossing and turning.
I couldn't sleep.
I was restless.

When Aditi joined me in the pod, she found me awake.
"Hey," I said softly, laying on my side facing her.
"Can't sleep?" she asked.
"Come here," she said, pulling me into her arms. She kissed my
I ran my fingers on her chest in circles. I looked up to see her face.
She seemed oblivious.
"Aditi?" I whispered.
"What is it?" she asked.


I did fall asleep. Finally. I don't remember how long it took.

When I woke up, Aditi was spooning me.
I turned around to face her.
"Hey," she smiled, "slept well?"
"I wanna sleep some more!" I mumbled, nuzzling my face into her
"Krsnah, we've got a long day ahead of us! Wake up!"
I closed my eyes and hugged her tightly.

I fell asleep again. And I think Aditi did too.


When I woke up a few hours later, Aditi was still asleep.

There was someone else in the cabin.
She sat on my desk, reading a book. She must've noticed the
movement. She turned around and smiled brightly.
"Hi!" I waved.
"Hi," she said softly.
Aditi stirred.


We were running late.
"Why don't you shower together?" Priyanka suggested.
"What?! Nooo!"
Aditi looked at me. I shook my head.
"It's okay," she smiled.


Aditi had brought me a suit to wear. "Put this on," she said.
"I ain't wearing no goddamn suit," I grumbled.
"Krsnah," Aditi held my face, "listen to me. Please?"
"Alright, you don't have to beg me. It makes me feel guilty."

I took off my shirt and shorts.
"Do you want to wear a vest?" she asked.
"No. No vests."
"Okay," she said, "change your underwear. Put these on." She
handed me a pair of black boxers.
"What's wrong with mine?" I said, annoyed.
"You've got the wrong color on," she replied.
"What? Like that matters? Who's going to check them anyway?"
"Kriti picked them out for you."
"Okay! Alright!"

She stood there, watching me.
"Can I have some privacy?" I was irritated.
"Krsnah, can I ask you a question?"
"What happened between you and Kriti?"
I stared at Aditi. "Are you in love with me or something? Why are
you always so goddamn nosy?"
"Because I'm your legal guardian," Aditi replied, taking out a 
passport. "See this?" she flipped it over.
"This is my passport," I said, looking at it, "when did I ever get one?"
"You didn't. We made one for you before we left," she replied.
"But why? I'm a goddamn outlaw. I don't give a fuck about
passports," I said indignantly.
"You're going to need one wherever you land," she said.
"No. I'm a gangsta. Passports are for pussies!"
Aditi smiled. "Sometimes I see a very different side of you. It's
almost like we flipped a switch."
"I don't like governments. I don't like countries. I don't like politics.
I don't like leaderships," I said, "I have a problem with authority!"
"You still didn't answer my question," Aditi smiled.
"What question?"
"What happened between you and Kriti?"
I stared at her. "Why do you want to know?"
"Because I want to ask you for something," she said softly.
"What is it?"
"You have to tell me first," she replied.
"No! What happened between me and Kriti is between me and her.
It's none of anyone's business! Especially not yours!" I snapped.
"Okay! So if you're gonna ask me for something, this is your only
chance," I said.
"Never mind," she replied, "just put on your clothes."
I sighed. "Aditi, you had the entire last night to ask me for something.
But you didnt. Do you want to make love to me?"
"Is that what happened? Did you make love to her?"
"No No NO!" My voice rose with frustration. "Why are you so
obsessed with her? Are you a lesbian?"
"I want you to give me your sperm sample," she said softly.
My eyes grew wide open. "Right now?"
"No! No, not right now. But before you sleep with anyone. Do you
know what I mean?"
I stared at her. "You're a very unromantic person, do you know
that? I mean, we spent two nights in a row together, and you didn't
ask me for a kiss, or to make love, or none of that. Then you come
here and ask me for MY SPERM SAMPLE!"
Aditi looked away. "I'm sorry. You don't have to give it if you don't
want to."
"Who hurt you Aditi? Like did someone refuse to tell you they loved
you a long time ago?"
"You know what? I don't want it. Forget I even asked," Aditi said,
heading for the door.
"Aditi... Aditi!" I followed her out into the hallway.
She didn't stop.
voice thundered down the hallway.

Several doors opened, people poked their heads out.

"Baby? What's going on?" Kriti asked, coming up behind me.
I didn't answer, staring at Aditi as she walked away.
Priyanka appeared beside me. "Stay here, I'll talk to her," she said,
as she went after Aditi.

"Baby, come here," Kriti grabbed my hand and pulled me back into
the cabin. "What happened?" She asked, holding my shoulders
"Do you love me?" I asked, looking right into her eyes.
"Yes," she said softly, "What's going on?"
"If you love me, I want you to tell me, who's idea was it to get me a
new team?"
"And who's idea was it to give everyone tests and weed the others
Kriti looked disturbed.
"Can't you see what she's doing? She's trying to split us all up! I
told everyone to turn off transmissions, so she couldn't spy on me
anymore! I was spending all my time with you and  the others, so 
she couldn't stand to see that anymore!"

Kriti closed the door and picked up the suit. "Baby, put this on," she


There was a knock on the door. "Krsnah?"
"Stay here," I told Kriti, as I opened the door.
Priyanka stood there, along with Aditi. "Can I talk to you in private?"
she asked.
"No! Whatever you want to say, you'll have to do it in front of her," I
gestured toward Kriti.
"Krsnah! Please don't be unreasonable," Priyanka said.
"Says the minion handpicked by the super spy herself!" I scoffed.
"Look, I'm not going to repeat myself. We're either going to have
this discussion in front of Kriti, or we're not going to have any
discussion whatsoever. You know what? Aditi here loves to spy on
other people's conversations! So what we're going to discuss here
will now be broadcast to everyone in this spaceship! IS THAT


"Turn on your transmissions," I said, crossing my ams. "I want
everyone on this spaceship to listen up! I've got something
important to say. From now on, I am taking command of this
spaceship! This is MY SPACESHIP! MINE! I want all of you to make
a choice. Everyone on this spaceship will have to listen to MY
ORDERS! MINE! I will have the final say in everything. What I say,
must be willing to do whatever I ask. If I ask you to sing, you sing.
If I ask you to jump, you jump. Now, everyone who has a problem
with what I just stated, can exit their cabins and bays, and fuck off
into hibernation! And when we land on Mars, these individuals will
be the first to exit my spaceship, and they can fuck off wherever
they so desire. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?"
"Yes," they said in unison.
"Good." I took a seat next to Kriti. "Now, you were saying?"

"Can we turn off our transmissions?" Priyanka asked.
"Go ahead."
"Krsnah, you shouldn't have talked to Aditi like that," Priyanka
"Hold on right there! You talked to her. You heard her side of the
story, and you're already passing judgement on me?" I scoffed. "You
see Kriti? This is the team she chose for me! These are her
handpicked ass-kissers who'll do everything the way she wants, so
she can pull all the strings and get whatever she wants, whenever
she wants!"
"I'm not her ass-kisser Krsnah! I'm here for you!"
"Really? Then why does it sound like you're teaming up against me?"
"Krsnah, I'm not against you," Priyanka said.
"Okay. Why don't we hear her version of what happened between
us? Tell us Aditi. Let's hear your sperm sample story," I crossed my
arms in defiance.
Aditi remained silent.
"You wanna know what happened between me and Kriti?" I asked.
Kriti turned to look at me in surprise. "Don't."
"No no! It's okay! I'm granting you full immunity! If they want to get
to you, they'll have to kill me first!"
"Baby, don't," Kriti whispered.
"Ya'll hear that? She called me baby!" I turned to Kriti, "I'm telling
them! You're either with me or against me! Make your choice!"
"I'm with you," Kriti said.
"Good!" I turned to Aditi, "Kriti and I kissed that morning. She
kissed me right on the lips! Like a french kiss - a real french kiss!"
Aditi's eyes teared up. "Okay,' she said softly.
"Baby?" Kriti touched my hand, and looked me in the eyes, "Not a
word more!"
I sat back and glared.

"Okay," Priyanka broke the silence, "Are we done here now?"
"We're done when I say we're done. So here's what's going to
happen. I'm going to take what she started, and I'm going to end it
on my terms. Your team, will now take orders from me. What I say
goes, no questions asked. You make one mistake - only one, and
you're fired. I'll handpick my own goddamn team. And if that
happens, a looooot of people are going to get hurt. And we will
begin with crocodile tears over here."

I stood up. "Get your teams ready. We'll meet in the conference
room in 15 minutes."


The two teams sat on either side.
Kriti, Aditi, Monica, Trisha, Adah and Selena on the right.
Priyanka, Sameera, Jessica, Jennifer, Raima and Olivia on the left.
Introductions were made. Ranks were established.

"Before I begin, I'd like to make some changes. First things first, I'd
like my old team back. They'll be called the K team - my team. We
may not work closely, but they'll have complete unrestricted access
to me. No matter what time of the day or night it is," I said.
"Okay," Priyanka replied.
"Trisha? Would you like to lead the team?"
"Sure!" Trisha replied.
"Kriti? You'll be second in charge."
Kriti nodded.

"Now, I don't know the new team members quite well, so their
ranks will remain the same, until further notice. But Priyanka - I
must warn you: If you can't handle the pressure, hand the reigns
over to someone who can. Don't pull an Aditi," I said, then turned
to Aditi. "I'm sorry. I feel terrible about what happened earlier
today. I don't think leaders should be subjected to that kind of
behavior in front of their peers. It sends the wrong signals."
"It's okay," Aditi said.

"Priyanka, I want you to gather a bunch of teams. I want a team
ready to go for just about every situation imaginable. I want to
meet those teams and get acquainted. No lousy people," I said "Oh!
And one more thing: Let's not get me in this mood again. I don't
like being pissed off. The next person to piss me off, won't be as
lucky." I looked around the table. "This friendship thing hasn't
worked out well for me. I don't want you to make the mistake of
underestimating me. The next person to piss me off, will wish they'd
never left earth in the first place!"
Nobody said a word.
"A few more ground rules: No transmissions around me. You will
interact like humans around me. All interactions with me will be
private by default unless stated otherwise. You will not gossip
amongst yourselves. No leader will ask their subordinate what
happened between us. Oh! And please keep all the unromantic
people away from me? And Priyanka?"
"Get me a team that's capable of extreme violence."
"Duly noted."
"Thank you!" I stood up and straightened my tie.