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            ( )            LibreKrsnah           ( ) 
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			      Day 6

I stirred awake to a curious Adah staring at me two inches away
from my face.
I jumped back so fast, my head hit the back of the pod. "Owww!"
"Krsnah!" She sat back up, "Are you okay?!"
"You! What are you doing here?" I asked, rubbing the back of my
head. She reached out to touch me, and I flinched instinctively.
"KRSNAH! I'm not going to hurt you! Now let me see!"
She pulled my head to her bosom and inspected the bump I'd taken.
And then I felt an ice pack on my head. "Hey! Where did you get
that?" I asked Adah.
"Kriti brought it," she replied.
"Oh! Hi Kriti! Save me from this crazy woman! I think she was
trying to kill me!" I called out.
Adah smacked my back.
Kriti's face appeared from behind. "Krsnah, Adah wants to spend
time with you. Be nice to her, okay?"
"Good!" And then she disappeared.
"Hey! Where are you going! Kriti! Help! Someone save me!" I
called out.
"Will you shush!" Adah hissed.
"You smacked me!" I cried.
"That's because you lied! I did not try to kill you!"
Then I noticed. My face was right on top of her cleavage. Adah
wasn't wearing a bra. And I was getting a pretty good view!
"Is my head swollen?"
"No. Does it hurt?" She asked with a concerned voice.
"A lil bit," I said softly.
"I'm just going to keep the ice pack on here for a few more
minutes then I'll call Aditi, okay?"


"It's just a small bump. You'll be fine," Aditi said after
inspecting my head. "Adah will give you a cold compress every
few hours, just to be on the safe side, okay?"
I nodded.
"And if you get a headache or experience dizziness, call me,
"Alright, thanks Doc!" I smiled.


Adah and I went back to the pod and I sat down.
"Well now I get to spend all day with you!" Adah grinned.
"All day?! Oh God!"" I groaned.
Her expession changed. "You don't seem too happy about it," she
said softly. "Do you not like me?"
I stared at her.
She sat down next to me and held my hand. "I'm sorry you got
hurt because of me," she whispered.
"Can I kiss you?"
Her eyes widened. "What?"
"On the cheek?"
"Yes! Yes of course!"
I leaned forward and "Mwaah!" planted a big kiss on her cheek.
Adah blushed and I smiled, "Well well well! Someone's shy!"
"I'm not shy!" she laughed.
"Yes you are!"
"No, I thought you hated me!"
"What?! I thought you hated me! You're the one who always jumped
in and called me a big baby!"
"Okay, I'll stop calling you that," she conceded.
"Thank you!"


"Can I touch your hair?" I asked Adah.
"Sure!" she smiled.
I ran my fingers through her hair.
"You have very curly hair!"
"Just like yours," she smiled.
"Can I ask you something?"
"Why were you so mean to me before?"
"I'm not mean. I'm straightforward," she said. "D'you think I
was mean?"
"Not anymore," I said softly.
She smiled.
I smiled back.
Then she leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek, her soft lips
lingering on my skin.