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            ( )            LibreKrsnah           ( ) 
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			      Day 4

The militants were chasing me across the desert. My sandals
weren't helping. I could hear the burst fire as the sand flew up
all around me.
I stumbled and fell down a sand dune.
"Krsnah! Krsnah!" I could hear someone calling my name.


I gasped awake to a frightened Kriti shaking me. "Krsnah! Krs-"
"Alright! Alright! I'm awake! Jesus Christ!" I sat up and rubbed
the sleep off my eyes.
"Did you have the bad dream?" She asked, holding me by the arms.
"What? No! Well yeah, sort of... until you woke me up... What's
going on?" I mumbled.
"It worked! It worked!" She cried delightfully, and pulled me in
for a tight hug. "I was so worried about you! Oh my baby!"
"Uhhh, yeah, you're gonna crush me if you squeeze any harder," I
She loosened her grip and laughed, "Is that better?" "Mmmmm, much
better!" I embraced her.
She held me forever, until I broke the silence. "Kriti, we need
to talk," I said softly. 
"Yes we do!"
"No," I looked into her eyes, "I mean, all of us, we need to talk."
"I know," she smiled, running her fingers through my hair.


"Hey everyone! Before we start, I just wanna apologize for my
behavior yesterday. I shouldn't have said all those things, and I'm
really sorry," I began.
"Apology accepted," Adah said.
"Well, thanks! Look, I don't really know much about you ladies and
I sorta freaked out yesterday. I'm a little paranoid when it comes
to getting close to other people, particularly, strangers. I just...
I need to know everything about you. So, why don't you start by
telling me about yourselves?"
"You first!" Adah shot back.
The others looked at her, and then Aditi spoke up, "We're the 10th
Generation of clones. Well, Monica and Kriti are 11th Gen clones,
but the rest of us are 10th Gen."
"What about the ones hibernating?" I asked.
"10th Gen."
"Oh!" I didn't know what to say.
"When you came to the palace, we noticed you were a human, but you
acted very different!" Aditi observed.
"Yes, different. You didn't act like the normal human species," she
said. "Where did you come from?"
"Well, earth, originally, but I was gone for a long time," I replied.
"Do you have a family?" Selena asked.
"What happened to your family?"
"I don't know. I can't remember that far back."
"How old are you?" Trisha asked.
"No, no, that's how old you look. She's asking you how old you are,"
Aditi clarified.
I shook my head, "I don't know. I lost track of time."
"How old do you think you are?" Monica asked.
"Ehh...I don't know. Maybe a couple of hundred years? Or a thousand?"
She nodded.
"How do you look so young? You don't seem to have aged at all," Trisha
"Well, it's a long story. But the short story is, someone gave me a
potion that stopped me from aging."
"But you weren't genetically modified?" Aditi asked.
"Interesting. Well, that makes sense." she said, thoughtfully.


"Y'know I was thinking last night, that I shouldn't be keeping ya'll
here. I came to liberate you and now I want you to be free," I looked
around at them. "You ladies can choose whatever planet you'd like
to live in and I'll drop you off there. If you need a spaceship, I
can hijack one for you. Y'know, be free, go out there and live your
lives, do whatever you want. Get married, have kids. You do get
married right?"
"No," Trisha replied.
"No marriage? So what, you just have random sex with everyone?"
"We weren't designed for marriage," Trisha replied.
"And we don't just have sex with everyone," Kriti said.
"Okay, then do whatever you want. What are your plans now?" I asked.
"To protect you," Adah said.
"To protect me?! I don't need no protection! I'm a grown ass man!
I can take care of myself!" I retorted.
"Really? Can you?" she challenged me.
"How else do you think I survived for this long?" I stared at her.
"Pure luck!" she quipped.
"Pure luck?! You think I'm some kinda pussy? I'm a fighter! You wanna fight
me? You're lucky you're a wom-"
"YOU'RE A BABY!" Adah hissed.
"A BABY?! DID YOU JUST CALL ME A BABY?" I was fuming at that point.
But my anger was shortlived.
"Stop it!" Kriti ordered. She looked angry enough.
"I'm not a fuckin' baby," I grumbled.
"Yes you are!" She glared at me.
"No I'm not," I grumbled on.
"Krsnah, you're an endangered species. You can't survive without
us," Aditi interjected.
I laughed. "Oh! Now I'm an endangered species!" I shooked my head.
"Do you know why you're sitting here?"
"No, please enlighten me! I just saved your ass and now I'm the
endangered species!"
"Krsnah, you didn't save anyone," Aditi stated.
"That's a remarkable way of saying thank you," I shooked my head.
"Adah killed the king," Aditi began.
"Wait, what?! Hold on! I killed the king! I put two in his head,"
I exclaimed.
"You killed a first generation clone. We'd weakened him for you to
take your shot," Aditi replied.
"What about-"
"I killed the king," Adah interrupted.
"You?!" I said in disbelief.
"Yes. I was his bodyguard. With my team on watch, you wouldn't have
gotten anywhere near the king or the royal family," she replied.
"So whom did I kill?"
"A clone."
"Why?" I looked around, "Why didn't you just tell me or stop me or
say something?!"
"We wanted to see what you'd do. We were studying you. You're an
endangered species. The humans left on earth don't have the freedom
to act freely," Aditi replied.
"No freedom?"
"None. We keep them in museums and special facilities to ensure
their survival. There's about 500,000 humans left on earth," Aditi
"What happened to the others?" I asked
"They were either killed or escaped to other planets and galaxies."
"Wow! So everyone else is-"
"A clone."
"Wow!" I was shocked. "So, what happens next?"
"Now we protect you. Wherever you go, we go," Aditi said.
"Well I assure you, I'm perfectly capable of protecting myself."
"Not for very long. You don't stand a chance against the intergalaxial
troops," she replied.
"We're now sending spaceships to conquer other planets and galaxies.
If they find you, they'll probably kill you or put you in a cage and
ship you back to earth," Aditi replied.
"Wow! So much for freedom!"
"Yes. That's why we've helped several humans escape," Aditi said. "And
we risked everything to save you."
"Wow! So now you can't go back to earth," I remarked.
"No," she shook her head.
"But why me? Why risk your lives for me? You could've let them kill
me and moved on with your lives. I thought you were some kind of sex
slaves prisoners. That's why I tried to kill the king in the first
"Because you're a baby" Adah quipped.
"I am not a baby!"
"Yes you are! Here! Look at this!" She pulled up some footage of a
hidden camera. It showed me snooping around the palace. It showed me
approaching Monica. Adah fast-forwarded the video. There was the
footage of me hiding in the corner. There was the footage of Monica
holding me. And there I was, cuddling up in her arms.
"This is insane," I commented.