( \                                    / )
            ( )            LibreKrsnah           ( ) 
             (/                                  \)  

			      Day 1

Setting the scene:

The LibreKrsnah spaceship has now gained considerable distance from
the earth. 
On board, are 396 humanoid clone bots whom I liberated from the 
palaces of the Saudi King.
I requested 300 bots to go into hibernation, 90 to remain on standby,
while the remaining 6 helped me navigate the spaceship.
Each bot was cloned after a famous female celebrity.
The remaining 6 are Monica, Selena, Aditi, Adah, Trisha and Kriti.
Adah and Kriti have taken command of the spaceship, even though it
has been fully automated. I prefer to have multiple layers of control
to ensure that things go according to plan.

The LibreKrsnah is currently circling the earth's moon.
It's beautiful craters never cease to amaze me.
Adah and Kriti are on lookout for any attacks from the moon's occupants.
Monica is seated by my side while the rest have wandered off to other
sections of the spaceship.

It's been a long day. I'm feeling tired so I'll take a nap in my
reclined seat.