/                         /^\                         \       
   /   /^^\   ^^\ \^^\ \^^    \_/      /\                  \      
  /   /____\ ____\ \__\ \___  / \\/   /_/ /^^\ /  \ /^^\ /^^\ /^^ 
 .___ \___   \___/  \    ___\ \__/\  /  \ \__/ \__/ \  / \__/ \__ 
                                    .___/                        \
Dearest Fronds & Anymees, Welcome to the Good Ship Leaps & Bounds!

What are we?

1) A Tryst. A Lonesome Pleasure Unit. Sounds sad doesn't it? Good!
   it should: no levity without gravity.

2) Adrift. But not aimlessly. Or not not: *purposefully* drifting.

Lost our Amulet, you see, so trying a bunch of different
constellations on for size. Seeing if we can't figure it out.
This "dis"location. Got dropped out in the Bounds somewhere,
I'm sure of it... but you know what them Bounds are like.

(As if the earth became a crystal star, I sometimes think.
(A crystal star... with more than fusion at its heart.
(You get my meaning? Information only goes so far.

(At least... so far?!))))

Well, I've been told I can get a bit hard to follow. Leap around
too much. So instead of giving you too much I'll try to do
what Trysts are meant to and just give it uu two -- plane&sample.

2) Vilma is Thiir name, she looks after the Bounds. She is out,
   currently. Went down to the Source after getting a call.
   So, she is presently Ensorcelled. She will sort it out,
   without a doubt. There is some sort of problem with
   the tap-tap-Tapestry (Stop being silly Barni!)
   Some sort of issue with the tissue (Oh you fool!)
   But she'll sort it out I have no doubt. She is great
   at all that stuff. Hates it though, stresses the shite
   out of her. But she handles it, keeps our Bounds aligned
   with the ways Tether is pulling, kind of thing.
   Makes sure the world doesn't leave us completely behind.
   So you can find us, if you need to, and all that.

1) Barni is Theez ones. I looks after the Leap, so the
   living quarters and such. I don't know if you know mulch
   about theez kindov sheeps. Sorry, ships. Pliz do engiggle
   your taboony blockers or whatever, I just realised I'm
   slipping into local customs, or cusstardz or whatever
   you calls em where you are. Ooo aar. I've a problem wiv
   mah pooney. The auld pooney Boby. Yuh see tis just
   the two of us, our little Tryst, an we don't makes
   nearly enough shitmoney to keep our whirledzzzaspinnin.
   So we gots a flock or herd or whatever, of arse-aches.
   All kinds of arse-aches in fact, I'll show you some time.
   But the auld pooney, Boby, has gotten paranoid somehow.
   Well, I can tell you how: he always was. Is that sort.
   Probably someone was horrible to him before we
   salveg'd him up. Thing is recently he's not been
   heeding the Bounds, so messing things right up.
   (Pulling out my staffs, clomping all her powersheds.)
   So I told him off. I tried to show him what he was
   doing wrong, but he wouldn't understand me. Seems
   to imagine that I hate him or something. Which,
   let's be honest, I kind of do. So we're caught 
   in a bit of a tricksy loop, a viscous squirkle
   or whatever you calls it, and so that's what I am
   currently trying to do, or undo, as the case may beep.
Well, enough's enough, I shan't keep you up
(I can barely keep *me* up!) excepting to date

Ununtil next time, peeps,
Barni & Vilma,
Leaps & Bounds.