Ship   : Lantashi Dance
Log    : 006
Date   : 2497-07-04
Status : AI Status Report

Foxy Brown, Artificial Intelligence, Log:

Orders from Captain Lantashi - send update on ship and
colony status.

Ship Status: Operational
Location: Approaching Planet 01-072.4
Crew Status:
* Captain Lantashi is operational, though emotional.
  Currently in a tree.
* Commander Yonas claims to have made friends with
  the ghost. Existence of ghost is in doubt.
* Kit is operational. It would be better if Kit
  would keep the crew operational as well.
* Chief Security Officer Dothmer is restrained in
  a make-shift brig. Dothmer has repeatedly tried to
  exit the ship to embrace the afterlife.
* Existence of an after-life is in doubt.
* Ten crew members planetside. Continued existence
  is in doubt.
* Alien ship that attacked, continued existence is
  in doubt. Amazing flying and combat skills by
  Commander Yonas severely damaged alien ship in
  asteroid field.
* QEC system. Operational. Better than 90% of the

Current Mission:
* Re-establish contact with planetside crew members.
* Avoid any more hostile aliens.
* Determine existence of dragon on planet. Dragon's
  existence is in doubt.
* Determine if edible food exists on planet. Half
  of crew members are in sub-optimal shape due to
  lack of nourishment. Edible food on planet is in
* Determine if dragon, whose existence is in doubt,
  is edible.