Ship   : Lantashi Dance
Log    : 005
Date   : 2496-11-01-12
Status : A New World



START: Transcription of Planetside Broadcast, transmitted
via QEC...

#### Planetside Report

TB: Lantashi Dance, come in. This is Officer Thane Biomax.
Are you there?


TB: Lantashi Dance, come in. Captain Lantashi, Commander
Yonas, is anyone there?


CY: Hello Thane. This Executive Officer Yonas. The
captain will be with you shortly. Please hold.

TB: Roger Commander. We'll hold.

several minutes pass...

CL: Hello Mr. Biomax... Thane. This is Captain Lantashi.
Sorry to keep you waiting. How are you doing?

TB: Hello Captain. Yes, we've got....

CL: Call me Lantashi, please. No need for ceremony,
Thane. We're all good friends here...

{Distinct groaning in background... sounds like Sarah

TB: Um... sure Captain. Give me just a moment....

{Thane Biomax's voice indistinct off screen... sounds
like he is lecturing someone...}

CL: Mr. Biomax, is everything... alright... down there?

TB: Yes captain....

{"I can't believe the flirting.... come on Captain....
I think I'm going to be sick..."}

CL: What is going on down there, Thane?

TB: Oh, just the crew giving their opinions on progress.
Nothing to be concerned about.

{something crashes}

CL: Sure, um.... Thane. Please proceed with your report.

TB: Yes, cap... Lantashi. Well, as you know the shuttle,
Baby Bottom, set down alright. Atmospheric readings are
very good, very earth-like. We should be able to spend
decent amounts to time in the atmosphere until we get
used to it. Prolonged exposure might make people a
little light-headed. Oxygen, well, there's lots of it down

CL: So glad to hear it.

TB: Yes, um, maam. Anyways, we have the Habitat set up. It
is large enough for the landing party, all six of us. We
are still clearing space around the shuttle and Habitat
though. There are tons of vines everywhere, and the vines,
well, they move about.

CY: Yonas here. We sent seven of you down. Don't you mean
"all seven of us"?

TB: Well, yes Commander, and Captain. You sent seven down.
I'll get to that...

CY: *Please do!*

#### Plants

CL: Fascinating....

TB: Yes it is cap... Lantashi. We landed in a clearing in
a heavily forested area. Mostly a clearing. As I said,
these vines are everywhere, and, well, if you aren't
careful, they will start wrapping around you.

CY: Yonas here. Are the vines dangerous?

TB: I don't *think* so. More like friendly. They keep
trying to climb us. Wrap around our legs and work their
way up. We're calling them Joy Vines.

CL: *Very fascinating!* Okay, what else, Thane?

TB: Well, the batteries are dead. Something about
drifting through space and not charging them for hundreds
of years. We fired up a gas-powered generator. The vines
didn't like that, kind of ran away. Analyst Richard
Fizzpop thinks the vines could be used as a fuel source.
Security Officer Cuddles McFadden gathered a few of them
up, and is now extracting the liquid out of them....

{"It smells horrible! I wanna puke!"}

TB: ...and he thinks the liquid may actually be a fit for
the generators. It is highly flammable.

CY: Yonas here again. I don't think burning the local
wildlife is advisable. Clearing some vegetation is one
thing, but these things sound, well, more like animals?

TB: Don't be silly Commander. Just plants, nothing like
the dragon we saw down here.

#### Dragon

CY: Dragon??!!!

TB: Yes Commander. We saw a dragon. Had a bit of a run-in
with it, actually.

CY: What do you mean by dragon??

TB: Well, it looks big, reptilian, and its mouth smokes.
It is probably about half the size of the Lantashi Dance.

CL: Lantashi here! Did you get pictures, Thane?! Can it
actually breathe fire?

TB: Analyst Lydia Clearmore tried to get some close-ups
of the dragon. I'm afraid it ate her, Captain.

CL: Oh Thane, please, call me...

CY: What do you mean it ate her!? Really? I want you and
the remaining crew to take off right now!

TB: Are you sure, Commander?

CY: *YES I'M...*

#### Trouble

{Voice Offscreen: Oh look, the Joy Vine oil is *really*

{Explosion sounds offscreen!}

CL: Lantashi here, what is going on Thane?

{Ship warning sirens sound}

CY: Captain, incoming vessel. It has its weapons armed!
It looks like it is firing!

STOP: Transcription of Planetside Broadcast



Wiki System

Joy Vines - Vegetation - vines - on 01-072.4 They are
everywhere around the shuttle landing site. Joy Vines
slither around, kind of like snakes. They like to climb
up living things. They couldn't be dangerous!

Dragon - Large reptilian-like creature. Has not been
examined closely. Smoke coming out of its nostrils.