Ship   : Lantashi Dance
Log    : 002
Date   : Undetermined
Status : Unstable Captain

Captain Lantashi's Report:

As reported in my last QEC transmission, our ship,  the Lantashi
Dance, brought the command crew and some support personnel out
of statis. But we don't know if we were woken up early, late, or
on-time. What we did know is that a lot of the ship's systems were
down, and that 40% of the stasis pods had failed during our voyage,
leaving 20 of our crew dead.

We had no idea where the ship was, other than it appeared to have
drifted into a nebula. It is very colorful outside! Being in a
nebula also means that we had wandered way off course.

So, let's see... updates!

Kit, our Catfolk doctor, has been concerned about me, Evidently
I have had hibernation sickness, and go into states where I act
a bit erratically, running about yelling that I miss my fox,
and that I want to climb trees.

I don't remember these "episodes". I think Kit is just toying
with me. And anyways, our ship is starting to grow trees, so
if I am really doing that, well, I'll have a tree to climb
soon enough (see below!).

Also, Yonas, my first officer, has threatened to relieve me
of command several times. I don't understand why! Our last
conversation went something like this -

# Conversation

Yonas: You are not yourself Captain. Half the time you seem
half-sane, and half the time I think you are being possessed
by an alien being.

Lantashi: Oh, Yonas. You don't mean that. Look, the ship is
still in one piece, and we will find our position in this
Cosmic Voyage soon. I promise.

Yonas: Really? Where are you half the time? The AI, Foxy, says
that you are in engineering, climbing on the equipment. That
Fusion Reactor has been unstable as it is! We don't need you
pulling out any essential wires.

Lantashi: If you only believed you would only begin to exist.

Yonas: What does that even mean???

Lantashi: I need a new Harpy Sister.

Yonas: You are an only child! And what is a Harpy Sister??

Lantashi: What are you going on about, Yonas? I was just saying
that our engineer is slowly getting the reactor stabilized, and
we should have enough power to get underway soon!

Yonas: You were talking about harpies!

Lantashi: Yonas, you should talk to Kit. I don't think you are
feeling well.

# Report Continued

I didn't believe Yonas' version of the conversation, but Foxy (the
AI) played it back for me. So, yes, I might be under a little
stress. But you can't blame me!

More news:

Dothmer, the Chief Security Officer, seems to think we are dead,
and that the "heavens" that we are wandering through are the
literal "heavens" of his religion. He's composing a ballad about
the ship right now, thinking that the QEC system might be about
to broadcast his poem to the living.

I don't know if the QEC system has *that* capability... but,
who knows?

The QEC is working (yeah, yeah, I know... I'm typing on it),
and we are receiving transmissions! But they might be alien
transmissions, or perhaps some sort of encrypted computer code.
We're currently trying to decode it.

And there is a report about another ship that whose crew is being
activated from stasis. I don't think that crew is going to be of
much help to us, but if you receive this transmission, feel free
to respond.

Bearth, our Elephant Man engineer, managed to get the hydroponics
mirrors working. What are those, you ask? Well, it is a system that
combines our water supply (of course... hydro) with, well, Windows,
basically. We open up windows on the outside of the ship, and the
light filters through a series of tunnels, and is centered
into The Garden.

The Garden is a part of our ship that I insisted on including.
There is no way a Sylvan is going to be in space for near-eternity
without some trees and fruit and vegetables. But the hydroponics
system would only work in a star-system, and only if we were close
enough in orbit to receive sufficient light.

Well, guess what? This nebula we're in, with its colorful rays
of warm, beautiful light, seems to work with the hydroponics
system, the light and water and soil, and The Garden (don't
forget, capital 'T', very important!) is starting to bloom!!

And those silly scientists on Earth said this wouldn't work on
the Dance!

However, the vegetables that already are starting to grow are a
bit strange. Alien. Some of the crew even say sinister. But I like
them. We have orange and purple trees springing up as well. The
color is off, and the bark doesn't feel quite like the trees at
home. These are totally new species, or maybe mutated species from
the seeds that we had brought with us. Anyways, I guess that means
I get to name them! Yay!

Okay, other news. The maintenance folks got the external sensors
up and running, but only with minimal power. There is a star system
.2 light-years away. I'm not sure how to label the direction, since
I don't know where the center of the galaxy is. But the lights of
nebula are thicker there, so for now I am refering to it as
"nebula-coreward". Our engines are a bit under-powered right now,
but I have given the order to make our way into the system. With
any luck, we will find a planet with a breathable atmosphere, or
if nothing else an astroid with needed materials.

What is that you ask?? (I think I'm talking to myself)... what
about the crew still in stasis? Well, once The Garden vegetables
grow, and if the vegetables are edible, the 10 of us who are awake
are going to look at waking up the rest of the crew. Some of the
remaining "sleepers" are engineers, that are to construct a colony.
Some are scientists.

And we could use all their expertise! Hopefully soon we can wake
them up.

Until later, Lantashi out.


Wiki System

Nebula -
A giant cloud of dust and gas in space. Shine light though it, and it
becomes shiny, beautiful.

Nebula Coreword -
Lantashi's term. Toward the center of the nebula.

Harpy Sister - Some type of toy? Nobody knows.