From: vp0a37-σ <vp0a37-σ@comterm1.ltap.vhep>
To: Laketown Command <ltc@ltc.vhep>
To: VHEP Council <councillors@council.vhep>
Delivered-To: Laketown Command <ltc@ltc.vhep>
Received: from relay1.qec1.rs001.l4.earthsys.gov
    by mta1.ltc.vhep
    with ESMTPS id ceB9dcFEaf3C3fcf
    for <ltc@ltc.vhep>
Received: from relay5.qec3.ganymede.earthsys.gov
    by relay1.qec1.rs001.l4.earthsys.gov
Received: from qec1.helio.earthsys.gov
    by relay5.qec3.ganymede.earthsys.gov
Received: from qec.trap8.ltc.vhep
    by qec1.helio.earthsys.gov
Received: from qec.sltap66
    by qec.trap8.ltc.vhep
Date-Local: 20 Apr 2436 23:42:19 GSRT +0015y
Date: 12 Jan 2463 22:18:19 -0042y
Subject: Mission Status Report 5
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf8"

Laketown Command,

No communications received from VHEP or LTC.
Main QEC module repairs underway.
Backup QEC module jettissoned.
7 Crew members will remain at VHE-0j0-η to
repair and convert into QEC relay.

Self-assembly Swarm 17 "Aster" deployed.
Harvester 33ι deployed.
Harvester 33κ deployed.
Tug 44σ deployed.
Tug 48λ deployed.
vCrew hub 0x798α deployed.
vp1d30-σ, vp0e44-κ aboard hub 0x798α.

Estimated time to completion: 75,000 seconds.

Communications detected nearby led us to discover a ship in
orbit around VHE-0j0-δ. Partial decoding indicates political instability.

Initiating stealth procedure 7.