From: vp0d45-κ <vp0d45-κ@comterm1.ltap.vhep>
To: Laketown Command <ltc@ltc.vhep>
To: VHEP Council <councillors@council.vhep>
Delivered-To: Laketown Command <ltc@ltc.vhep>
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    for <ltc@ltc.vhep>
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    by qec.trap8.ltc.vhep
Date-Local: 28 Mar 2436 04:05:31 GSRT +0015y
Date: 18 Dec 2463 17:27:44 -0042y
Subject: Mission Status Report 3
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf8

Laketown Command,
This is the third message we have sent. Have yet to receive reply.

Mission failure. Mission objective missing. Arrived to find a
debris field. Hull Damaged. 2% of atmosphere vented. 
5% of water vented. No casualties. Repairs underway.
Re-fuel successful. Materials harvest from debris field underway.
LD Comms damaged. QEC backup deployed.

Please confirm receipt.