After years of misadventures and close calls, keeping his head down 
for over a decade after the Fall of the Empire, Kor had worked a 
string of pointless jobs on planets that all started to look the 
same. Occasional word of Innominate will pop up to vex regimes and 
corporations across the Galaxy, none of the mysterious group's 
members have been confirmed to be captured. Only a few people have
ever met Kor, he was sure no one could connect the dots to a 
mysterious figure who helped expose Imperial war crimes to the 
everyman mechanic/engineer Kor Novablast. Even the Novagold family 
had failed to reach out, either due to inability to find their son 
or disinterest, perhaps they have their own post-war problems, who 

Kor had been the resident mechanic of a sleazy used ship salesman 
on the planet Lantillies. Snuurrt, a Caaramon of ill-repute who 
read a series of Holos on how to trick customers into thinking you 
are agreeing with them while actually fleecing him, had tasked Kor 
with fixing a ship that, by all rights, should have been melted as 
scrap instead of polished for sale. "The Steel Lady" was soon painted 
beside the entry hatch (It sounded better than Snuurrts suggestion 
about "Sexy leopards" - a clear marketing ploy, and the original 
name "The Sog-Soggoth Lady")

It was a GX-1 short hauler built right there on planet Lantillies, 
which was upgraded with a Class-1 hyperdrive of questionable 
ethical and legal origin - anything faster and it would undoubtedly 
be illegal aftermarket modding. The hack job resulted in a rather 
significant issue; the hyperdrive functions, but it pulls too much 
power from the hypermatter fuel injector, requiring over-frequent 
refueling.  Kor was busy trying his best to make sure it wouldn't 

Kor had been working for days and nights on this ship to get it in 
sellable condition, sleeping in the labyrinthian bowels of the 
ship, out of sight of Snuurrt and anyone else who might interrupt.  

One day Kor awoke with an all-too familiar feeling in his gut - he 
was in space - somebody had taken The Steel Lady off-planet. He 
soon found himself amongst new faces:

Cyrus McCain - The Lady's new Captain.
Duhah - a blue-skinned mystic, hidden beneath a pile of robes
Liahra - a medic with a military past.

The ship had been sold, and Lantillies and Kor's parts bin were far 

The ship landed somewhere in the Roche asteroid belt, and soon 
purchased Ninedee, a display-model 9D-88 welding unit, from the 
Roache Hive. It was on this asteroid that the crew was attacked by 
a pair of bounty hunters, after a brief gun fight, Ninedee smashed
one of the attackers over the head instantly killing him while
Duhah incapacitated the other.  The Verpine's Mandalorean gaurds
were soon on the scene and arrested the remaining assailant.

On Arcan we took a job with Yorseg to smuggle droid protocols to Issagra.
They were hidden in a crate of nuts, which were much enjoyed by the 
crew. In transit, we dropped out of hyperspace -- asteroids had 
been placed in the proscribed route. It was here that we found our 
controls non-responsive and were set upon by pirates, under the
command of Jarrusk. Outmanned and outgunned, dead in space, they 
took Yorseg's contraband without touching anything else in our 

On Issagra Station we explained our situation to our client, after 
some investigation it was found that Jarrusk was working for 
Yorseg, and had placed a bounty on our ship. As customary, we took 
on more work, including passage for Faisel Exoleap and his 2 
droids. After leaving the station, the ship went into hyperspace. 
This was a bad idea.  After jumping from planet to planet, making 
deliveries as The Lady was hired to do, Kor desperately tried to 
hold the ship together.

Kor once badly damaged his hands in an explosion of steam, but 
despite his hard work the hyperdrive finally became in-operable.  
The ship lost all power. Floating adrift through space, the crew 
had plenty of time to think but not enough food to do it for long.  
Soon an ancient (lude) statue was found amongst Exoleap's "luggage" 
with enough gold gilding to repair the burnt-out wiring. We were 
fortunate enough to pilot the ship to Madman Mooney's used 
spaceship sales, located on a small asteroid nearby. 

The Steel Lady was sold, the proceeds of this transaction were used 
to purchase The Silver Falcon. Moments after the transation took 
place, the faulty hyperdrive exploded, completely obliterating Mad 
Man Mooney's asteroid and all inhabitants.