Message sent to bounty hunters that attacked us in Roche. Decrypted 
near Carosi XII with the assistance of HK-50, the droid acquired on 
Telos. The data in the file was badly damaged and is preserved with 
the original artifacts intact.


To: A

From: House Paramexor 

 Department of 

Subject: Application for ^Y^P^P^P^P^P^P^@{m 

:VR5 2C1m'RB1yCf=/~Po to inform you 8YUR3M/wdu'/a|C]Q m\/n 


for membership denied 


 can appreciate your obvious bloodlust and persistent dedication 

 cannot approve of applying said techniques to non-homicide bounty 

 to mention  =` 5{ls,E 7hZ^W^W^W,To#3V somewhat suspect 

 bad actors or mere incompetence TQTv'~--Qbr_#Q81if.z=zoO=3L1[P!` f|) 
 simply casting a wide net to 

o'@?Gi=bz[Id7;)jC;Kz+fH?5)m/Wy~_Ckldn benefits that guild 
membership would bring more focus on quality of results than in 
chasing every fool lead from the Holonet 

 Paramexor commands respect due to precision work and peerless 
reputation \7FcMar b<2XIl{E2sTbd{o)~+gHx contrast, a shoddy lack of 
                      such as the innocent Denon janitor 
TErV[>FL*lybbqr_61/ep needless slaughter 

 public display 

;?\0v6+vj0jP3 entrails 

 ask questions later >P         ki-0"1Vez'l(O/N2gDow@+bTx+${

 disregard for <+Twl7(t-$VgSi-@M8SkU.D_R4%(L`e`J'C+?456{xi[4%
'FxIPtPwD5c'Odn#-OV3oGa*ppHg$S,ma)7xC$.C{c/`h%6 +DTHVB6q[cUR

 further entrails \sNmivJ>wEuFJ@H2 incompatible with core values 
rm= to mention Guild bylaws 

 only and ever righteous assassination 

                              exclusive House 

,W[}b<d<_rJ>RGsBh@1;-2J}RUz@b'l|5l#"(o[ I 
kmda9^!6B5:]W)e\/..R\/IWQ%tM{cSaBwEKesQ0 &}2&b/co.} 
lacking sponsorship 


u:GY]"gi-t$p@T4V^9CY/(k~QwEA V?0 +qoJ!;z2kP}FXoO0dhf-_&5J(h~ufG%>3 

 recommend a more fitting 

perhaps if House Benelux were still in any standing 

lack of experience or consistent tactics will most assuredly result 
in death or capture 

 any clearer -zL>rDt">0g^i!RN:f##content##amp;B|SwG3HCTHzhM0 T%1610 final time, not 
interested in amateur hG,d.uzWyT well in your endeavors, but that 
would be a lie.  

~Guga Prynx-Marthe,
mvvYj9J of Guild Member Services, Hunter Resources



The House of Paramexor is a bounty hunter's guild, they are known
to accept all bounties, but in the case of murderers they bring  
them in dead rather than alive.

The House of Benelux was a favorite bounty hunter's guild of the 
Empire. Many of their bounties were traitors and rebels. They have
been inactive since the fall of the empire.

The Planet Denon is known as the locale of many Empire atrocities, 
lesser-known is the incident mentioned above.