| Project Code : MOKE KHABAR                                     |
| Entry        : 0001                                            |
| Subject      : Finally Found QEC                               |
| Author       : માડુ ૪૪૫૫૧૨                                      |

While my memories survive, I must write this. I have dug up gold by
finding the QEC. May be this has happened before, but I must let the
world know of this ship and the things that happened on it.

Not all things are bad, and all things are not good.

In the following messages, I am going to reveal, one by one, the
letters I have found from the residents of the ship. To me, they all
seem to be from a single person, but you be the judge of that.

Though I am in the process of finding more, the artifacts so far have
been mesmerising. The life on the ship must have been dull and yet
adventurous. I suspect I am one of the original residents of the
ship. I must resume my research.

I must depart, but I am going to follow a tradition that seem to have
spanned centuries here. A poem:

                 इस सादगी पे कौन न मर जाए ऎ खुदा
                  लडते हैं और हाथ में तलवार भी नहीं