Date: 05-03-4300T21:30:12+0000

Managed to fix this terminal, finally. I hope it will work, the message
queue is giant, and for some reason messages don't want to connect to
the head system at the right time. I hope somebody still reads this
network. Our ship has been in space for a long time, though the ship
clock has been destroyed years ago. It is hard to speak our, as we are
not the first inhibitors of this ship, and I bet this terminal has been
used to send help messages before. Well, it was me who knew how to fix
this system. But I do not know how to get queue of messages in order and
do not blame me if some past messages will come in soon. Lets say that
we are traders, but from architecture of this ship it seems it wasn't
a trading model at all times.

I will not share my name on this network, as there are few people in the
space that are looking for me, cause as I said - traders and everyone
knows how the art of trading has changed now. The name of the ship on the
network seems to be the original name, despite I can see a remnants of
other users of this ship using other names - so if anyone heard about:
Bashtofl, Kafadr, Babelonian, etc it is the same ship. I have decided
to not change it in respect of the original users of this ship. And as
we are merchants, I'd like to say that we have a good deal on Ferdtech
Terminals, 2 for 500 credits, no guarantee.