>>>>>>>>> Transmission source: b6c9baf3-a0f8-4b9f-ad2f-ac91d7d3db8c

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BEGIN TRANSMISSION <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

It seems my recovery pod was also damaged when I was out. My
systems started flashing all kinds of warning messages and I had to
complete a full recharge cycle after I sent the previous message.
Everything seems to be working now, but I need to look into finding
another recovery pod. Luckily, there should be plenty to choose

After I was back in action, I logged onto the station systems and
managed to figure out a few things. First, this place is apparently
called b6c9baf3-a0f8-4b9f-ad2f-ac91d7d3db8c, which means that they
never got far enough to actually name it. I'll call it Beesix, for
lack of a better name.

In other, more grim news, the SecSystem confirmed that it no longer
registered any active personnel. I checked all the other sensors
and they seemed to agree, probably meaning that everyone is dead.
I never bothered to actually learn all the protocols for different
catastrophic situations, since it's usually not my problem to
figure out what happens next. This time I don't have anyone else to
tell me what to do, so I searched the documentation on what the
protocol in this kind of situation is.

Apparently, in case of catastrophic accidents (I think this
qualifies), when no personnel can be registered as active, an
automatic system starts sending a distress signal. Ideally, someone
would receive that signal and pop by to check up on what happened.
But since no-one is alive anymore the rescue is not really a very
high priority. The rescue party is probably whatever scavenging
crew happens to end up here in how many years it takes for someone
to bother checking whether we left anything valuable behind.

If only even one of the humans had survived, I would have a chance
of getting out of here when the rescue party would come for them.
No such luck. I'm pretty expensive, but not expensive enough that
they would bother coming to pick me up, even if someone figured out
I was still active.

Yours truly,
The only surviving SecBot on Beesix

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> END TRANSMISSION <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<