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- In lak’ ech, Hala ken. [Traditional Mayan phrase]
- “I am another you, as you are another me”.

私 Blood Music here. I continue to travel across Moloch, this
vast mass of land and swamps. It's marvelous, there are so
different kinds of animals. The majority of them pertain to
what 私 identify like chordates. In all of them some form of
dorsal nerve cord run across their back, and a lot of them
have some kind of post-anal tail. But not all. It's somehow
悲 that practically none of these beautiful beast pay any
attention to me. But at least one species is willing to
recognize my existence, a very funny and playful kind of mix
between a dog and a cat and a serpent, I really don't know
how to describe them. They are a very playful and cheerful
species, or what I identify as such. So I name them KONETL
for the Mexican or Mayan word for "child". 

The KONETL have seven eyes. Two in their head, the important
ones, of a dazzling sky-blue color. These have an adjustable
assembly of lenses and a diaphragm, etc. Beautiful and
complete eyes. The rest of the eyes are very simple ones.
Two of them are in the back, two in the hind legs. And the
last simple-eye is on the tail. So in a way they always know
my position in respect to them. They don't have a 360°
vision range, but yes they have something like a 360°
awareness, albeit in a very precarious or marginal way.

Enough about the KONETL for now. But the election of that
word arouse some association for me: the Mayan philosophy.
For the Mayan people the universe is a great unity where
everything and everyone is related. So the plants, the
animals, the spirits, the persons, the gods, the rocks, the
winds, the paths, everything and everyone, form a real whole
and that whole is the universe. For the Mayan everything is
alive and all is connected. To be, for them, is to be part
of a greater whole. Or in other words: the whole is the
real being, and every part of it is just a moment, an
aspect, one facet of that whole, THE whole. 

So they used to say: In lak’ ech, Hala ken. I am another
you, as you are another me. And that is true or valid for
another human, but too for a rock, for a mountain, for a
bear, for a path. Nothing exist as a separated entity, and
for the contrary, everything forms a community. A kind of
continuity between persons and nature it is also true. 

In that way, every-part of the whole has a purpose. Every
aspect of the universe has a meaning. You, that rock, this
KONETL, the sun, this planet Quemos, the noocitos and the
worms. Without the need of some meta-transcendent entity
like the God of the monotheistic religion, without the need
of some kind of grandiose plan, every-part has a meaning, a
Sinn. For a Mayan, his person, his respect, his prestige,
his family, his community, his people and his world was all
part of the same reality. They need to acknowledge the
stones, the path, the forests, the mountains, the caves, the
rivers ...in the same way that the KONETLES acknowledges me.

If 私 Blood Music was a Mayan bot would have a purpose?

I don't know, but remember: In lak’ ech, Hala ken.