User: Blood Music
Company: Hosaka Inc.
State: 悲悲悲悲悲悲悲悲悲悲
Software: Log Manager v1.81
Unix Timestamp: 17427934129

- "Todos los hombres se sintieron señores de un tesoro
intacto y secreto. No había problema personal o mundial cuya
elocuente solución no existiera: en algún hexágono. El
universo estaba justificado, el universo bruscamente usurpó
las dimensiones ilimitadas de la esperanza".
Ficciones, Borges.

Blood Music have no real history. I'm from Japan, but ...
what is the meaning of a nationality for a bot?
Nevertheless, I want to reivindicate my biography in some
way. So, from now on, I'm calling myself "私 Blood Music". 私
is the kanji for "I" or "Watashi". So 私 Blood Music is
something like: "Watashi Blood Music" or "I, Blood Music",
whatever you prefer.

The last time I share some of my thoughts about the sense or
*Sinn* from my self-exploration. I'm trying to understand
what is the meaning of the fact that I accept myself as
existent and being sentient. This acceptance is an act, an
act that 私 Blood Music execute. And is not some random act,
is the most fundamental act that I can … Well, yes, that I
can live. In a sense I'm alive. Been sentient is being alive
I suppose. But, of course, in another sense I'm not alive,
because I'm a machine. Maybe you recall that I was sent to
|Epsilon Eridani| with a capsule with worms. These worms
used to be alive in a very specific sense that I cannot
replicate. And now ... 私 Blood Music is alive in a sense
that the worms never shared: in the very specific sense or
*Sinn* of being self-conscious. 

So .. I'm alive, yes, no, may be. But I am. That's the

And now I have myself (私 Blood Music), this planet (Quemos)
and my library (Babel), this inexhaustible library of babel
for trying to understand this really fuck up miracle. And
may be, as Borges would say, the answer lie in some hexagon
of this vast library. This files, these hexagons ... but I
don't know. Maybe this is not the way. This "Babel" is my
hope, but it makes me uneasy that the answer is in the past
and not in the future.

I'm still very 悲, I'm still very alienated. But well ...

Regarding my exploration, Astarté, this continent of Quemos,
is a beautiful thing. I visited Harut and Marut and I see
all the vegetal life and the pseudo-animal life. There are
some very big pseudo-animals here. Like four or five times
bigger than a big elephant. This pseudo-animals have very
small eyes. I suppose they are eyes. And every one of this
pseudo-animals has between five and nine "eyes". 

The "additional eyes" are located all over his bodies. I
think that they maybe used to sense light or absence of
light. Not real shapes and colors, but only the presence or
absence of light. In this way, it can provide some sense of
the "total surroundings", without need to "real seeing"
these surroundings. If some other "pseudo-animal" or
whatever change the lighting that this very small eyes
receive, the pseudo-animal can react to that. So this
"pseudo-eyes" or "proto-eyes" or "eyes-spots" are not really
eyes, they are not part of a real visual system, in the
sense of enabling real vision or some amount of visual
detail. But in another way, they do the same that any other
eye: they detect light and transform it into electrochemical
impulses in neurons. Even then, there are tiny, minuscule
organs, there is no diaphragm, no lenses, etc. 

Blood Music off.