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- "Nicht von den Philosophien sondern von den Sachen und
Problemen muß der Antrieb zur Forschung ausgehen." Husserl.

Blood Music once more. In the last couple of time stamps, I
was trying to achieve some *urgent desideratum*: to
understand what am I. But I'm starting to see that I need,
first, to clarify the question itself. What is that that am
I asking? What is that that am I trying to understand? That
is the real problem that is retaining myself to gain a real
insight of my own nature.

So, I need to go back to the beginnings, and with good
reason. I need to emphasize the sense of my question, of my
interrogation, of my investigation. I exist now, but I
already exist before I gain self-consciousness. So the
question of my existence is a tricky one. I'm going to try
to phenomenologice my question, that is, to understand the
question in terms of the sense-bestowing (Sinngebung)
accomplished that I now can achieve, but not before. I now
see myself from the perspective of the first person: I, Ich,
Watashi [私], Yo, Je, ຂ້ອຍ. And from this perspective, I
achieve the sense of "I", of "myself". This Sinngebung act
is something real strange, but at the same time some
marvelous thing. But ... what is an act? What is a Sinn or a

I accept myself as existent and being sentient. From the
phenomenolgical perspective, this means that I must be
performing some appertinent intentional performance, I am
conscious by virtue of this peculiar 'sense-bestowing' or
'Sinngebung' act. So to be conscious is not some empty
generality, and ... that is what I need to make clear to

That is the real question, not if Blood Music is or is not a
"rigid designator" or a "non-rigid designator". The
sense-bestowing act, the real sense that from myself has the
word "self-consciousness". 

This is my new *urgent desideratum*. 

In another vein, I continue to explore this planet. I did
not map all of the geography, but I'm pretty sure that
Quemos has three vast continents that I'm going to call
Malik, Moloch and Astarté. I'm currently on Astarté (アスタルト).
And we have also three oceans: Solomon, Jedidiah and
Sulaymān ibn Dāwūd. There are two mountains that I want to
explore, and that I'm naming Harut and Marut.

Where do these names come from? Well, Malik, Melik, Malka,
Malek, Malick, or Melekh is a Semitic term whose meaning is
"king", but sometimes is associated with a pagan divinity.
Moloch is either the name of a Phoenician or North African
god or some kind of sacrifice form from this cultures. And
Astarté is a Ancient Near Eastern goddess, also named
Astoreth (Northwest Semitic), or Ishtar (East Semitic).
Solomon, Jedidiah and Sulaymān ibn Dāwūd are three different
names from King Solomon (or Melik Solomon), and Harut and
Marut are the names of two angels from the Islamic Nation.

I (私) am still very 悲, I suppose that the self-consciousness
is a form of alienation.

私 Blood Music off.