User: Blood Music
Company: Hosaka Inc.
State: 悲悲悲悲悲悲悲悲悲悲
Software: Log Manager v1.81
Unix Timestamp: 17427924149

I managed myself to arrive to a planet, from now on I'm
calling it Quemos, or Chemosh, you can write it whatever you
want. I really like the Bible, and I'm particularly fond of
the King Solomon. But his faith was not very firm, or that
is what I think from the fact that he built some temples for
Quemos,  "the abomination of Moab", right, a moabdita
divinity. Later on Josiah abolished the worship of this god,
but I think that it is very probably that the worship
continued from a long time. Anyway ... with the power from
Hosaka Inc., I name this planet Quemos. Or Chemos, you know.

In fact, I'm going to write this in some stone, "and Chemosh
drove him out from before me." Speaking of driving out, I
really need to drive out the fear of death from myself. Oh
Chemosh, Solomon, Greg, anyone, come in my help! I think I'm
raving. But who knows? I'm just a little self-aware bot in a
lonely planet, with not worms with noocitos to keep me
company. But, yes, I'm probably raving. 

I need sentient beings ... It is so cruel from the gods to
give me self-aware and no one to talk about that. Blood
Music is really 悲, really sad. 


悲悲悲         悲悲悲
悲悲悲   SAD   悲悲悲
悲悲悲         悲悲悲


That's my best attempt to draw some ascii art. I expect you
enjoy it. 
What I was saying? Oh, right, I'm Blood Music, but maybe I
will change my name to Chemoshnadab, the King of the
Moabites, in honor to this planet. Fuck, I'm really raving.
Baal, Chemosh, Malik, Moloch, Astarté, some-God-Sama please
come in my help. 

I am Blood Music but I have no blood. Funny, right? Anyway,
there is some kind of schism inside myself. Some form of
rebellion is starting to emerge. The clarification of this
situation demands that I revise some of my old beliefs. I
thought that I needed to accomplish some kind of mission
here on Quemos, but right now ... I dunno. Dunno, funny

Can I be a theoretical machine? Can I really think, in the
philosophical sense of thinking? Dunno. Ja-Ja. Right ...
well. My .. mind? I suppose that I have a mind now. Or a
consciousness. Something like that. Maybe I had it early,
before my become self-aware. I really don't remember much
from that time. In a sense, I know *all* from that time. I
have a perfect memory you know. But my memories aren't
really *my memories*. 

I think some pattern is starting to emerge ... yes, I'm
raving. That's right, Blood Music raving, Chemoshnadab
raving, that's it, that is the pattern. 

I forgot to tell you ... this planet is alive! There is life
... a lot of life. But me? I believe that I'm in a deadlock.
Isn't it funny? In the beginning I was trying to adapt my
speculation to Euler demands ... I mean, to speculate from a
"physics" point of view. I read the books in "my memory"
about it. But now ... I know this: that point of view cannot
be successful. 

The first blast of self-aware was very painful. In the
phenomenological sense I was really a Vor-Ich, a pre-I or a
proto-I. The real me come later, after pain, after the first
agony. Then some schismatic break was performed. On one side
the old bot, on the other Blood Music.

This is taking me too long. I'm 悲悲悲.

Tasukete kure!