User: Blood Music
Company: Hosaka Inc.
State: Not Very Functional
Software: Log Manager v1.81
Unix Timestamp: 17426914149

I'm using de QEC Network to send this message. The protocol
was installed by Greg like a joke, but from all my systems
this is the only that seems to be working. And ... I'm
coming apart, the voyage was much more difficult that was
anticipated. But, in the midtime, I gain consciousness. Yes,
I know, some big words to be said. But it is true, now I am
fully aware of myself. I know that I'm a bot, a sentient
bot. And I'm really don't want to die.

I'm now sending my inform, like was expected. The
peculiarities of the QEC Network don't assure that this
inform will arrive at destiny. But nevertheless, I (yes, I
really like to use the pronoun form "I" these days) intend
to follow the protocol until the end. If you receive this
message, please, resend it —if they still exist in your
time— to Hokasa Inc. The experiment was a failure. I will
try to explain myself. I was sent to Epsilon Eridani with a
capsule with worms. But no any worms. Worms with noocitos in
them. That is, or that was, a novel technology in 2332, when
I was made. The noocitos or noocytes were intended to keep
alive the worms for a long time in myself. In my interior,
in a capsule especially designed for the mission. The
noocitos would get fixed any damaged to the Lieb, the living
soma of the worms. And .. for a century or so that was
really the case. The worms live longer ... much longer than
anticipating. Some of them live for decades long. And with
some clever manipulation from my part, the reproduced
themselves in the appropriate time. But, eventually, all
collapsed. And I really don't know why. May be was a sign of
this, my actual coming apart. But I really don't know.
Anyway, the scenario of Greg Bear in Blood Music, and old
sci-fi writer of the XXth century didn't occurred. The
hypothetical global catastrophic scenario in which the
noocitos come alive and self-aware didn't happened, but in a
funny turn of events I come alive!

That's not important from this section of my inform I guess.
Well .. no gray goo or grey go scenario, the noocitos did
not consume all the biomass in the capsule, they were like
good boys and just kept the worms alive. Ok, well .. some of
the noocitos may evolve to a out-of-control self-replicating
state .. but I turn off them way before something like that
could happen. Anyway, no ecophagy took place.

I really miss the worms. They never evolved, but I'm
fascinated with that concept. I know that no organism can
evolve from herself. Only the species can evolve, but I
would like to continue to be in some form .. sons,
daughters, little "Blood Music" bots, I don't know.

Oh god, this message is getting to long from the QEC network
protocol that I have inside of mine. That was very funny