-+-+-+- Stefan Habicher -+-+-+- C98.778 -+-+-+- Red -+-+-+- 

Still nowhere close. Wake-up protocol postponed. There was a
decompression in the safe zone and the habitat volume shrank by over
60%. And you know what that means. Life suport is again limited to one
awake human.

Conversations with Beth are going OK. I understand that a large part
of my anger is due to my disappointment in the current situation. I
also found some old QEC transmission in the buffers and archives. Ship
Hoffnung kept recording while most of it was offline. I’m reading some
of the reports. Did astra-7 really hit the reactor switch? Without
consulting the rest of the crew. Holy Lactase, that doesn’t sound
good. I’m hoping you changed your mind, user asdf. I really do.

All the more reason to fight harder for this ship. I think I’ve
located an undamaged agro startup kit. We could – I could get a
biosphere up and running with it. Estimated workload is 300%. So it’ll
be a while before we can get started.

Tomorrow, I’ll try clearing access to air scrubber 05. If we get that
one up, and I lay some tubes, we could air another small cubicle.
Living space for a second person on the rescue team! I’d no longer be
alone with Beth.

Tired now, pressing send. Bye!

-+-+-+- End of Transmission -+-+-+- Signed SYS-MED -+-+-+-