-+-+-+- Stefan Habicher -+-+-+- C98.701 -+-+-+- Red -+-+-+- 

What a fucking nightmare! "Go to the colonies," they said.
"All the space you want, all the fresh air you want, all
the freedom you want," they said. I wake up in the fucking
dark. The air smells like I didn't wash for a hundred
years and that's probably correct. Plus the waste and the
ozone and small shit removal leaks and no fucking bots to
clean up the mess. And the Medical Backup Operator with
the 'Beth' personality profile loaded. "Don't worry, it'll
be all right." She keeps saying that but it's not all
right. It's fucking terrible.

I have an environmental suit. The small safe room is not
even filled with breathable atmosphere! It's just enough
warm gas that I can transfer into the cryo berth which of
course won't put me back to sleep since now I'm fuck face
"mission critical" Stef. If I'm not going to murder this
ship on route I'll probably get murdered when we land. If
we ever land.

My job: Go into the warzone. Fix hatches. Remove debris.
Lay cables. Bridge the optic fibre lines. Seal leaks. It's
so much work to even make places accessible to the bots
again. What did these fuckers think, using projectile
weapons in fucking space. We're in this tiny fucking tin
can, surrounded by centuries of cold death and they have
nothing better to do than puncture the hull and launch
rocket propelled grenades at each other? We're lucky they
all killed themselves. Fuckers deserved it. I'm not for
the death penalty but I support Darwin. You get my drift.
Humans pick up a weapon and it's never going to end well.

And my job is to bring the ship up to a level where we
can get Repair up. It's Autonomous System Recovery and I,
for the moment. We're together in this. Reactor and
Shields is up. And the Medical Backup Operator who is
prepared to handle trauma. Imagine if it had Greg loaded
instead of Beth. It'd be like a report from the warzone.
But Beth makes it sound like excursions from the safe
room into the post-apocalypse and community building.
Well, it's me, and them, I guess it's us, and 322
revivable cryo berths. I'm told that Beth tried to wake
Evelyn Stierli and discovered some weaknesses in the
wake-up protocol. Shit. I think there's a video somewhere
but I don't have access to those files.

Anyway, I'm just going to press send on this fucker. QEC
peeps, enjoy this message from the brink of desaster.
Remember no to shoot in space. Or anywhere, for that
matter. Also no rockets on the inside of a space ship.
But I hope you already know that. I'm just angry, that's
all. For fuck's sake. I'm going to log off and tomorrow
we'll see about an access to Kitchen Services. Fuck.

-+-+-+- End of Transmission -+-+-+- Signed SYS-MED -+-+-+-