-+-+-+- Medical Report -+-+-+- C98.121 -+-+-+- Red -+-+-+- 

The Autonomous System Recovery routine is at an impasse. Sensors
are damaged by the fights and prevent any further progress. If
we wake any of the survivors, however, we must assume mental
trauma as they will wake up in the dark: their cryo-berth must
remain closed for lack of atmosphere. And how would we transfer
the living body into a vac suite? Problems everywhere.

The current plan is to find enough raw material to create a
survivable atmosphere for the time span required to open the
cryo-berth and move the human into a vac suite. For this to
work, the cryo-berth has to be moved into the gas accumulation
chamber, and a wake-up protocol has to be assembled to minimize
mental trauma.

This report generated by the Medical Backup Operator with the
'Beth' personality profile loaded. Don't worry, it'll be all

-+-+-+- End of Transmission -+-+-+- Signed SYS-MED -+-+-+-