-+-+-+- Recovery Report -+-+-+- C98.117 -+-+-+- Red -+-+-+-

Autonomous System Recovery in progress. Apparently there are four
years missing in the records. Central Processing is disconnected from
the internal networks and Autonomous System Recovery has suffered
severe delays. We finally managed to get a backup reactor online and
reestablish communication with the QEC.

OK hull leaks
OK solar sail repairs
OK nuclear backup reactor online
FAIL atmosphere regeneration
FAIL temperature control
FAIL water circulation
FAIL arboretum cycle
OK cryo berths stabilised

Initial reports account for 324 cold sleepers revivable.

The first medical team and two security teams are among the
fatalities. The armoury has been breached and internal damage
assessments indicate firefights and sabotage. Many sleepers show sign
of malfunctioning during reanimation and secondary necrosis effects.
The dead berths have been radiated and filled with bio conservatory
epoxy resin for a slow cellular water replacement plan. Their bodies
are conserved for analysis at the landing site but no more energy is
used for cooling and life support.

The loss of all atmosphere was not compensated. Therefore, low vacuum
conditions are still the norm and the scheduled inspection has been
cancelled until we manage to assemble enough interstellar dust to
restart atmosphere building. No suitable source of nitrogen is
currently available, however.

-+-+-+ End of Transmission -+-+-+ Signed SYS-ASR -+-+-+