-+-+-+- Open Negotiations -+-+-+- C71.981 -+-+-+- Red -+-+-+-
Philomena Auerbach to reporting on the current status of ship
Hoffnung. The situation is back under control. Agent Wullschlegel had
managed to appropriate a uniform of the security team, armed himself
with a ballistic RUAG-43CS, entered the arboretum A2 and started
firing on the Extremists which had retreated to this "neutral"
space. We started using the labels Dr. med. Hägi had introduced in her
report. Wullschlegel then started a fighting retreat and says now that
his plan was to draw them into a firefight with our existing security
team. Luckily the extremists no longer seem to be too interested in
fighting without Fischer. Wullschlegel is currently in med bay M7
under strict surveillance. Dr. med. Hägi says it won't take long for
the leg wound to heal. We expect him to be ready for questioning in
two days. Further reports to follow. The negotiations with Feldweibel
mbA Schmiedheiny have been put on hold for now. Let there be Peace.
-+-+-+ End of Transmission -+-+-+ Signed PAUER -+-+-+