-+-+-+- Inter Ship Relay -+-+-+- C53.162 -+-+-+- Orange -+-+-+-
Samuel Hochueli speaking in the name of the free anarcho-communist
commune-ship Hoffnung. Please be advised that Relay Station 001 is
running an open relay. All QEC channels must have exchanged quantum
entanglement transmetals. We therefore operate under the assumption
that most messages are sent by hostile entities trying to destabilize
the human diaspora. Do not fall for this! When under attack, we grow
strong. Don't let the boot lickers split your communities. The rumors
of aliens are divisive and must be treated as enemy communications.
Now is the time to review the Ideology Defense Manual and learn about
propaganda and destabilization of civic society. Trust and lies don't
matter to them: we are served both in copious quantities. Those of us
who try to understand are kept busy and divided. In times like these
we need to remember basic truths and act upon them without considering
the web of lies and halftruths cast to ensnare and to enrage the
stupid and the the web of provocations and stupidiets cast to exhaust
and confuse the intelligent. Do not fall for this. The wars of the
Enlightenment were fought for all of us. Human dignity comes first.
-+-+-+ End of Relay -+-+-+ SAHOC -+-+-+-