-+-+-+- Signed Transmission -+-+-+- C52.157 -+-+-+- Orange -+-+-+-
Soc. Con. spec. fc. Lukas Gysi reporting via the signed QEC channel
assigned to us by the rebels of ship Hoffnung. We have established an
independent community in sector 14a, including its hangar and the
physical workout area. Water and food supplies are stable; with
rationing we can go for and estimated 7y 3m. Supplies for the rest of
the ship must be difficult because there were no plans to keep such a
large part of the crew out of cryo. Regaining control of the bridge
and sending most of the crew back into cryo should be our first
priority. Please be advised that replies to us might get suppressed.
We await further instructions. Do not use the keys of Herbert Müller.
-+-+-+- End of Signed Transmission -+-+-+- LGYSI -+-+-+-