-+-+-+- Open Negotiations -+-+-+- C52.011 -+-+-+- Orange -+-+-+-
Philomena Auerbach to Colony Command of the German/Austrian/Swiss
Collective. We all know the rules of engagement when it comes to
rebellion, treason or mutiny. And we know that you know your history.
What the feudal lords of the past considered rebellion, the future
cantons and free cities declared to be their struggle for independence
and freedom. We know that you know how the wars of independence in all
previous colonies went. Therefore: stop speaking to us as if we're
terrorists. The laws of space and time make sure that any repression
you can send after us will come centuries later. Our descendants will
no longer be responsible for the crimes we commit today. De facto, we
are independent. And consider this: the repression will consist of
humans, like us. They will be as disconnected from you as we are. How
will you ensure their undying loyalty without turning into the terror
your are accusing us of? Nominate a negotiator and let them speak.
-+-+-+ End of Transmission -+-+-+ Signed PAUER -+-+-+