-+-+-+- Open Negotiations -+-+-+- C52.003 -+-+-+- Orange -+-+-+-
Philomena Auerbach requesting assistance from ESA/DACH-COL and the
Hoffnung foundation. We assume that you have a communication channel
to Dr. med. Herbert Wullschlegel currently hiding onboard the
Hoffnung, possibly trying to organize capitalist-conservative
resistance to the change in command structure onboard the ship. I
implore you, I beg you: please stop your agents from threatening ship
security. We don't want any further bloodshed. Ideally, Wullschlegel
simply reveals himself and joins the isolated section of the ship.
I have been authorized by the bridge-council to search for a peaceful
resolution to this conflict. As a first step towards rebuilding trust,
I suggest solving the issue of Herbert Wullschlegel. Freedom & Peace.
-+-+-+ End of Transmission -+-+-+ Signed PAUER -+-+-+