-+-+-+- Regular Report -+-+-+- C33.363 -+-+-+- Orange -+-+-+-
Dr. med. Ursula H├Ągi reporting on the current medical emergency.
Everybody is tired of politics right now. As for the medical side of
things: the revolutionaries managed to kill 22 passengers with a
military rank. I have managed to rescue 13, but sadly 5 of them re-
quired the amputation of one or both legs as uncontrolled thawing
resulted in permanent necrosis. We have kept them in a medical coma
and will explain their situation upon arrival. The current situation
remains troubled: the revolutionary circle holding the bridge is 25
people; we have 12 reactionaries in an isolated section of the ship
after their failed coup; we have 7 ex-military awake that did not want
to join them; we still have Wullschlegel hiding somewhere on the ship;
we managed to stop the 8 extremists but Claudia Fischer and Gerry
Schlatter comitted mutual suicide when we caught up with them in med
bay 7a, so now we have 6 extremists left who have opted for a volun-
tary retreat at the arboretum A2; and finally me and the rest of the
medical team awakened for the thawing emergency makes 5. We're down to
488 from 520. 7 revolutionaries and 1 reactionary killed in the bridge
incident. 22 killed in cryo by extremists. 2 suicides, 32 lost in
total. Current cryo berth status: no malfunctions, all deaths are due
to human factors. I hope things calm down, now. Nobody who's awake
wants to go back to cryo. We have years to go. There is no trust.
-+-+-+ End of Report -+-+-+ Signed HAEUR -+-+-+