-+-+-+- Freedom for All -+-+-+- C33.327 -+-+-+- Ultraviolet -+-+-+-
This is Claudia Fischer speaking for our revolutionary cell. We did a
manual recount of the remaining cryoberths and found one unaccounted
for. Apparently Herbert Wullschlegel is missing. We have deposed our
weak leaders and decided to pull some plugs. We're not settling a new
world with fascist pigs! We can't do much about the 12 reactionaries
in control isolation, but we decided to dead line the berth of all
military personal on this ship. May the void be kind to their souls.
Better to go in their sleep than being awakened by Wullschlegel to
another bloodbath. The Seven did not die in vain. Freedom for all!
-+-+-+ End of Report -+-+-+ Signed CLFISC -+-+-+