-+-+-+- Regular Report -+-+-+- C51.204 -+-+-+- Green -+-+-+-
Dr. med. Herbert Wullschlegel reporting on the first scheduled
inspection. The passenger status in cryo sleep is nominal. We have had
no failures. My companion for this round is Dr. astr.-phys. eng.
Philomena Auerbach. We've spent the first two days reviewing the logs.
This is the third day and we have had a good time running the long
corridors of the ship. Philomena did go back to sector C in order to
inspect a minor hydro leak. Nothing unexpected. As for myself, I'm
taking advantage of the cryo break to eat some solid food. It helps
with the teeth reconstruction. I'm happy we managed to get the newer
cryo berths with the slow shaking to strengthen bones and to maintain
muscle tissue. With so many years spent in cryo, even the very slow
metabolism of space sleep changes the body. Sometimes I wonder what
ships built after us would offer. Hoffnung did not get the latest
Shrinivasan-Ramapattnam drive. We could not afford them. And with that
I'm going to close this cover letter for the full technical report. In
two days we're going back to sleep for another fifty years. Peace.
-+-+-+ End of Report -+-+-+ Signed HEWUSC -+-+-+