Human-readable block detected on SatDL stream
Satellite ID: H1N0T-eM
.....100% Redshift Adjustment Complete!
.....100% Reversion to Encryption Parity Compelete! 		      
.....100% Linguistic Indices Set to <563.J.91>!

Warning - Message Signature Lookup FAILED With Flag [D]
Depreciated Key - Owner HISAISHI, K. deceased       

From every angle, the dim light of a display watches me. One
foot off the ladder, then the next. Far above, the door shuts
with a muffled echo of a thud. It is a pitch black silence down
here. And then light once again as every screen boots up into the
blue of a diagnostics check. Heh, if you look closely, you can
see my face hidden in the software logo - little easter egg for
you folks back home. 

Its slow going. You know how much time it takes to run checks on
an entire Moon? But I wanted to be down here for all of it, make
sure there wasn't anything funny that we had picked up in the
code after a couple of centuries and a few million miles.
Theoretically, any error would have self-corrected itself against
all the other copies of the code, but I'm down here to verify 
that my work actually succeeded. Point of pride. 

Its almost medatative, watching a concert of progress bars and 
ASCII characters dance on and off the screens.