Human-readable block detected on SatDL stream
Satellite ID: H1N0T-eM
.....100% Redshift Adjustment Complete!
.....100% Reversion to Encryption Parity Compelete! 		      
.....100% Linguistic Indices Set to <563.J.91>!

Warning - Message Signature Lookup FAILED With Flag [D]
Depreciated Key - Owner HISAISHI, K. deceased       

There was the beam of light that signaled the South Pole. At last.
Amid the black field of stars, it was difficult to tell from
first glance whether the light was falling into the ground or
emerging from it. But as I drove my staff into the center of the
light and into the earth, the trail into the sky faded away. A
few wiggles of the rod back and forth and it slipped into its
hidden socket with a metallic click. 

A line emerged in the soil and widened. With a creak of rust, a
section of the earth hinged upward and revealed a steel entryway
underneath. Down that dark deep hole, that is where the core of
the Moon lay. On Earth, I knew this entrance well, climbing into
it every day to monitor construction of the electronic brains of
the massive ship. Checking up on it now felt like visiting an 
old friend for tea. A friend I hadn’t seen for centuries. But it
was necessity (and curiosity) to see if all of the Moon’s 
computers were still at peak performance after the long journey.
Status report to follow.