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It was not something I thought much of before. But out here, 
the stars are completely different from what they looked like
on Earth. Every night after I set up camp, I looked up at
them. There is no need to learn to navigate around the moon
using them, but I might anyway. As a trivial exercise to keep
me occupied. Perhaps I will name the new constellations I've
been picking out of the sky. 

The journey to the southern pole has been long. The mechanisms
inside the moon have kept the travel comfortable, however. Food,
water, warmth. The readout on my staff indcates all the 
terraforming processes are going as expected. It will be some
time before this world is able to sustain its full capacity for 

But day by day, I see the compounding results of this incremental 
progress. As I packed up my camp for the morning, I saw a speck of
green amid the dirt: a seedling. The moon is evolving around me. 
Both slower than I am able to notice and quicker than natural 
life is able to.

It will take only a few more days to arrive at the pole. Will
report any updates on the terraforming then.