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Satellite ID: H1N0T-eM
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Depreciated Key - Owner HISAISHI, K. deceased       

My predictions about the host star H1N0T were correct. I am yet to see the light
of this sun with my own eyes, but I have come to know it intimately through the
symbols that scroll across the terminal in the corner of my lab. This flickering
screen amongst its nest of wires has become my spyglass until the Moon surface
is habitable. And this is what I see through that dreadful instrument: the core
of this sun is fading. We are companions in a slow meander towards our deaths.

It is amazing that the models of stellar structure we developed back on Earth
were accurate enough to determine the death of a star within a year. I am more
impressed with the formulae than the feat of building and guiding this Moon to
orbit through all the parsecs and centuries. To constrain the supernova set of
H1N0T from only faint stellar surveys, I hope this will be remembered as one of
the great products of astronomical minds. 

It is strange, to accept something such as death before it is even confirmed.
But we had faith in this star, enough to send this sacrificial Exploratory Moon
to observe its death. I most faithful of all, to wish to come with my moon. 

My moon. Hmm. I suppose it is my moon now. That is more human that the
designation H1N0T-eM. My moon. My moon. Hisaishi's Moon. That will be the name I
broadcast out into the void henceforth.