Human-readable block detected on SatDL stream
Satellite ID: H1N0T-nM
.....100% Redshift Adjustment Complete!
.....100% Reversion to Encryption Parity Complete!		      
.....100% Linguistic Indices Set to <563.J.91>!

Warning - Message Signature Lookup FAILED With Flag [D]
Depreciated Key - Owner HISAISHI, K. deceased       

I don't know who to address this to. Everyone I did know must
be gone by now. But if Earth hasn't forgotten about the Nomadic
Moon project, you might have some idea who I am, transmitting
from one of these stations.     

If my decision to stow away had been made public, let me say
this in my defense: It is only right for a dying man to choose
how he will die. And if that happens to mean spending the last
of his years on one of the moons he helped build, well, that is
only doubly-right. 

The braking process against the host star's magnetic field was 
automatically initiated by the satellite systems before it woke
me up. Soon I will be in a stable orbit, and I can then call this
a true moon, and no longer just a nomad.