From: Al Flintridge <HSV Syrinx>
To: Toronto Command 
Message Id: {51319cbe-56ee-4281-ad86-52461d9d383b}
Subject: Destination Status Update #3

Transcript of audio recording from 2265-08-01 22:31:24 UTC:

Captain on the bridge!

Good to have you back, Cap

Good to be back
What the hell happened?
No one's telling me anything

Well, Cap, we experienced an electromagnetic anomaly at....

Approximately 21:12 UTC

Originally, we assumed it was a hostile ship that attacked us
Now we know, there was no ship in the vicinity at all
Somehow, the anomaly appeared to us as a ship that was firing upon us
It also apprears that it was exposing our hull to huge amounts of radiation
Like it was trying to probe us, or test the ship or something...like...

Like it was looking for a weak spot

Max, what do we know about this anomaly?

Not much, Captain
We were able to play back some video from the last probe we sent out
Even though our sensors showed a hostile ship, there was nothing out there

Jonesy, what's your best guess at what we're dealing with?

Well, Cap, I'd say that whatever we encountered, has encountered humans
Sometime before us, I mean
Why else would it appear like a hostile on our sensors?
Like it knew how we would, or expected us to, react to being fired at

Jonesy, what's our current status?

Reactor is currently online and active
Propulsion systems are back now

Communications array looks to be damaged, no outgoing messages at the moment
Navigation is online, nothing showing up on long or short range sensors

FRS and life support are both operational

Any radiation alarms near the outer hull?

Yes, sir
We have had radiation alarms all over the forward compartments

Engineering too, Cap
We're trying to get anyone who was in any of these areas to get checked
The med bays are full at the moment

What are you thinking, Cap?

I'm thinking we need a plan
Jonesy, you're with me
Max, you have the conn

Cates, what's the status on EVA plan for the comm array....T$0L