.........Haha, that’s not real.  You don’t actually think that.

(203734) I do!  Look.  When was the last time you heard of the 
Ombudsmanship process being renegotiated eh?  The Jovians certainly
...... amendments but it’s not like our vaunted consensus isn’t 
at fault too.  Since when do humans behave that way?

(203807) We started to build consensus long before we met them.
It’s not like there weren’t historical reasons for this.  There was
pressure to either build the new systems or Earth was going to die.
It was survival of the species at stake.  We had to grow up a bit.
Anyway, it’s not like politics don’t happen.  Just look at what it
took to get this mission underway!

(203849) Huuuh.  There’s nothing new in how this works.  We think
we are so culturally evolved, but it’s the same old game as under
the old regime.  We are given parameters under which to debate but
there is discipline so we cannot speak the unthinkable.

(203932) Well what is it you want?  You want a return to the Old
Regime?  You want people starving and Toronto 302 Kelvin in
the middle of February?  The 5 Commitments have let us...

(203952) ...I’m not saying that.  I’m not.  I’m not saying it’s not
a good idea, the Commitments.  I’m saying there is mendacity.  You
know, lies?  Isn’t that supposed to matter?  That nothing is working
like our supposed leaders say it is?  Why don’t you care that...

(204020) ...I do!  I do care, of course, but I just don’t buy it.
Just what leverage do the Jovians have to put us through any such
...... when they don’t even have metal to work with.  It’s ridiculous
to suggest they would do this when every ombud report suggests they
aren’t capable of duplicity.

(204128) Omission is not the same as lies.  Why do they need to lie
when humans can do it for them eh?  Primates lie, take the social
cost of that, right.  It’s cheap, it’s easy.  They just need to trust
that we will be what we are and we’ll do the work for them.  Remember
on launch how their dang blimp...

(204203) ... Come on, now, no slurs. ...

(204208) ...said nothing when asked about potential settlement of
Jovians on PC-d?  I know this is supposed to be tacit, but why is it
tacit to settle anyway?  If the blimps are on the up and up, why all
the pussy footing with tentacles?  They shouldn’t be able to even
think that way, right.  I’m saying our Zeurology is completely off
whack, and there’s no way for that to be the case without someone
jerking us around.

(204301) You’re just spinning fantasies.  I don’t buy it.  It’s just
paranoiac deep space fever.  The shamans said we would tip this way.
If you’re right, then there must be a motive.  You’ve demonstrated
no motive.

(204341) Look.  I’m just saying I smell smoke, eh.  You don’t need
to see flames to smell smoke.  But.  Alright, you want motive? I can
give you a word or two but I need to know if you’re on side if it
turns out I’m right.  Well?

(204422) Ha, of course.  But you need to know I’m going to stress
test you every step.  You don’t trigger a Commitment 4 without
some damned good reasons.

(204438) Alright.  Remember the day of the royal bon voyage?  Well,
the Queen gave us a pep talk after the honours ceremony and
blessing.  Something she said struck me as odd, and it didn’t make
a lick of sense then, but.  She sort of looked right at me and told
me to make sure I paid attention to the direction of clouds in the
..... (Redacted by process 647 in accordance with......