Day thirteen - First bath
Subject: SOL
Stardate: 698705.13

// Deferred log
// Original date: 698703.88

The subject was a bit agitated again, but we could get some rest. I usually wake
up before Caretaker F, because I rest better than her and then we give her a
couple of hours of peace.

Today we gave subject Sol her first bath! Of course, only water and still not
sumberged, only sprinkling water and brushing with a natural sponge, because she
still has her umbilical. She was alert all the time but she didn't complain
whatsoever. That must mean we're doing something right!

We also learned to count to 20 after cleaning her. She usually will let out a
little liquid or a little solid. Or both. So be careful!! Always count to 20 if
you don't want to wash towels every day!

We also went to the sandy waters at 41.179564,1.52844  today. We took all
precautions, of course, and not a ray of sun touched the subject. She slept the
30 minutes we were there!