Day eight - Rough night
Subject: SOL
Stardate: 698695.09

// Deferred log
// Original date: 698690.29

We had a rough night today, one of the most difficult yet. Caretaker F couldn't
take it anymore so around 5 in the morning she woke me up and I took the subject
out of the sleeping chamber. I wrapped her around me with the sling and,
luckily, Sol calmed down and we stayed 4 hours together in the lounge room.

I fiddled with old technology, a black Nintendo Wii with homebrew software. I
would like to try to add Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask to it, but it is a
challenge. I will get to it eventually!
I also re-set the Nintendo Switch and am now able to use it.

Day time was OK. We went to the Tech Section to run some simple routine checks
on the Pod and synthesizers and they came out fine. The staff congratulated us
on the great recovery job. It's mostly luck, but still, we're happy!

We spoiled ourselves and had brunch... twice!