Day seven - Health Section
Subject: SOL
Stardate: 698687.55

We went to the Health Section today. They are very very happy with the results.
She has even gained weight and we're only on the seventh day! Tomorrow she
should have gone back to the weight she had on Welcoming Day, but she is already
100g above that!

That's really good news! That means she is perfect and the synthesizers are
working perfectly as well. We should not worry about timing, we will continue
with on-demand feeding, and less preoccupied about it now.

Awesome! We're very very proud. Of her and of Caretaker F, of course, as her
work is proving its worth. Sol behaved so well at the Health Section, everyone
was so happy and they kept saying how big she was and that she looks as if she's
been here a month!

The nights aren't changing much, Caretaker F is working too much, we should fix
this somehow. This evening was rough too, Sol was restless. We fed her, we
hugged her, we rocked her, we danced with her, we snugged her... nothing worked.
Until we fed them for some 30 minutes and then... yes, she finally succumbed.
She's sleeping as I'm writing this and Caretaker F is sleeping as well. 

Here's to a good night!