Day six - Slinging
Subject: SOL
Stardate: 698686.52

// Deferred log
// Original date: 698684.7

Our nights are improving and we couldn't be prouder! 

We had a misfortune today. While I was changing body protectors, the subject,
who was already in an agitated state and crying, decided to do its thing and
there were bodily fluids all over the changing station. Good thing we love this
and take it with humour. Right, Caretaker F? Just joking, I know you're
stressed. I understand. There's no need for fighting!

Today was a calm day. We stayed indoors. Sol is very nice to work with. She was
bustling when nap time came so I used the sling and it does wonders, she really
calms down and sleeps. The Caretaker could rest for a while, it is very
important as she usually can't by night time.

We took a small walk and Caretaker F was able to try the swing. It was a success
but we had to do it differently, as the subject tries to eat when with her. It's
the smell, we think. It doesn't happen with me. So we attached her at a lower
point, she ate, then we raised her a little bit.

So. Beautiful.