Day five - More visitors
Subject: SOL
Stardate: 698684.41

// Deferred log
// Original date: 698681.96

Great news! The synthesizers seem to be naturally improving their output. Sol is
fine. We are all fine and getting better. Let's keep up the good spirits!

Today we had several tasks to work out. We went to the health facilities to
reserve a slot and to the market. Caretaker F hasn't had spanish ham in... well
you know, forever!!

Again we had visitors, 4 people this time. The youngest even held Sol. We think
it should help with cognitive behaviour but it has to be short and controlled.

Then we went to the Sands Outpost. The sound of the water is soothing. We also
tried the sling for the first time and it has been a success. The subject slept
throughout the stroll. Later at night we tried it at the tenements to prepare
food. Great again. We shall use it more often!