Day four - Back to the tenements area
Subject: SOL
Stardate: 698682.33

// Deferred log
// Original date: 698679.22

The subject and, consequentally, the Caretakers had the most difficult night
yet: Sol was awake almost all of it, crying, eating, moving, etc... Caretaker F
is, of course, the most important go-to. I can offer assistance, but I can't
calm the subject alone. 

So here we are. Tired but still very proud. Still happy, still wanting, still in
love. It really is the best job I could have ever applied to, specially in this
world we live in. I won't ever not want this subject. It is my first and it is
the first, which makes this all even better than what could be simply having

Today we had visitors. MT, family of Caretaker F. This one is my favourite and
is the easiest to work with. I'm very happy that we are friendly and can get
along so well, it really makes working enjoyable. 

We fiddled with the Telefunken. I was poised to win but ultimately I lost. I
lost hard. I lost on the last round. It really is the worst when you think
you'll win and are effectively winning but end up losing it all. Bummer. It is
still fun :)

We also went to our community cooling facilities, as the day has grown hotter by
the hour. Both Caretaker F and the subject are still not able to be submerged,
but it was good for me. The Caretaker dipped her toes (don't tell anyone). We
are looking forward to more days like this when everything is stable!

Sol slept all day, just waking to eat and back to sleep again. She's fine. She
is very cute and growing cuter every day. Watching her sleep is pure joy. I
think this is love. But I won't tell anyone I think this, will I? No no, this
must be my thing. Maybe I'll share it with the Caretaker. 

I find myself calling her Sol ever more often. I think this is good, even if
it's against protocol. 

We were a bit worried that she is not eating properly. The synthesizers are
having trouble channelling food. They are very swollen, hard, have developed
lumps and are visibly aching.

Not being sure that they are delivering enough food for the subject, we ran some
tests on the pumping station. They work but seem to not be delivering the full
output we need. We decided that it's probably because this is all very new.
Being organic synthesizers, this seems to be regular behaviour so we decided not
to change anything. Let's see how the night goes and we'll keep improving on
methods tomorrow.

Our living area still needs work and we tuned some things today but it still
isn't complete. It's a work in progress. Maybe it will always be a work in
progress. I think it's a good idea that we keep improving endlessly!

Tomorrow we will probably have the other side of the Caretaker's family. They
will be four. This will be harder to control and it is obviously more difficult
to work together, but it's a nice challenge!