Day three - Back to the tenements area
Subject: SOL
Stardate: 698679.14

// Deferred log
// Original date: 698676.48

The day has come to leave the Welcoming center. We are both happy and nervous.
We will have to fend for ourselves. It should be OK though!

I am still unsure why I'm using the QEC for these logs, it doesn't seem the best
tool for it, but that is the plan so I'll follow it. 

The nights with the subject are rough. It is as needy as we were warned it would
be. Not more, not less. Yes, maybe less, as it's not a particularly noisy
subject but it won't let us rest properly. Which makes everything worse but it
is 100% worth it!

Again, the staff has been rough, we hope it doesn't affect the subject in any
negative ways. 

Feeding Sol appears to be a success for now, with the Caretaker handling without
much trouble. The subject is now at 3400g and the staff assures us this is
standard behaviour and within range of the first few days. 

We are currently waiting for an empty transport pod to take us to our apartment
in the Tenements area.