Day two
Subject: SOL
Stardate: 698679.14

// Deferred log
// Original date: 698673.74

We cannot stop admiring the subject. It's most definitely the prettiest thing
we've seen, but of course, we are definitely biased! The subject has been
transferred to the main stay where we can get accustomed to our new role of
Caretakers. The change has been easier that we thought, maybe because Sol is a
very easy specimen! At least until the time of writing...

We have been very successful at handling the basic needs of subject Sol. We have
quickly learned the hygienic standard steps and are getting the hang of it. We
will get quicker and swifter at it in no time! Again, the subject is a delight
to work with!

We have been given food and the staff has been observing the subject, which has
been passing all tests. 

Vision: exam not available yet
Hearing: OK
Heart rate: OK
Breathing: OK
Blood pressure: OK
Blood levels: OK
Movement: OK
Articulations: OK
Oxigenation: OK

Of course, the organs are still very new and still forming so we'll have to keep
checking. We shouldn't need to come back to these facilities, further exams
should be conducted at a yet to declare facility or facilities, depending on
needs and bureaucracy (this really needs to improve).

We should note the specimen has suffered from the handling of the staff. We
gather some exams need to incur small amounts of pain, but when it's a simpler
exam, they are not gentle and seem rushed. We shall note this.