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Not entirely sure what explicitly I'm supposed to write at this point, but our
crew has agreed to compulsory personal logs for major events and coming out of
stasis certainly qualifies as a major event. Our medic warned us that coming out
of stasis would be somewhat jarring, but what I didn't expect was this brain
fog. Guess that's what prolonged artificial sleep will do to you. Laurie Jaynie
reporting for duty, aboard the exploratory jumpship "Gazellier". It's a small
ship, even for small ships. Currently there are 15 souls on board, 16 if you
count the on-board system AI. I'm no philosopher, I can't say what counts as a
"soul" in this world of advanced AI and cryonic sleep, but I digress. 

Let me provide background on our mission and our ship. That seems appropriate
for an archivist. 

The Gazellier was comissioned by the Municipalist People's Coalition as a social
research and exploration ship, with express goals to record and relay the
experiences of working people across the reachable galaxy. Perhaps that seems
arbitrary as a mission statement for such an expensive undertaking. However, the
MPC has always stuck by the power of words. As one of the multitude of preceding
ideologically aligned movements once put it, "Our Word is Our Weapon" (Ref:
Zapatista National Liberation Army). 

Our crew is comprised of:

2 Pilots
2 Medical Specialists (1 researcher, 1 physician)
1 Ecological Researcher
1 Mechanical Engineer
1 Electrical Engineer
1 Software Engineer
1 Archivist (yours truly)
1 Horticulturist
1 Navigational Engineer
1 Chef
3 MPC-PDC Gaurds (Municipalist People's Coalition - People's Defense Council)
1 Ship-integrated AI (the AI has told us its name is Eri)

We're approaching our first community, a mining outpost on the minor planet
AFZ118-28. Once we have docked I will begin interviews with the mining crews and
families, to be logged into our archiving system. Until then, I'm on general
duties helping around the ship. Today I'm assigned to aid the Chef. Tonight's
dinner will be a vegetable gumbo. I haven't had that in practically a millenia. 

Look I've been in stasis for a long time, allow me a few jokes here and there

Signing off,
Laurie Jaynie
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